It is all well and good to make all the right noises and the right moves..start out early, draw up a to-do list  and generally compartmentalise all the tasks ahead of us… but are we actually utilising our time to the best of our abilities?? .. Is our work load moving along?? Are we being super efficient??

Well, I can only speak for me. ..

I am at my office for 7:45 everyday but How much work do I actually accomplish? To give myself credit, I actually start off with the best of intentions; A clear recognition of what I intend to achieve..I focus on the job at hand and push some stuff off my table..but I also get distracted..very often..

My phone beeps and there’s a new “Like” on Instagram, Facebook beeps  with  a new message.. My email clicks and I have a retweet on Twitter.. and on and on it goes..All the alerts and following through on them takes a massive chunk off my productive time.. Say for example, I have 8 hrs . At least 3 hours or even much more is gobbled up by distractions.. Very addictive distractions..

The thing about Social media is, it is so insidious, you don’t realise how much time  you spend on it.. and how addicted you have become. The most important part of all is getting to that moment of reckoning… Actually identifying that there is a problem at hand.. I recently read an article about “maximising your productive time”, and it really put things in perspective :

From the article, two points loomed hugely  at me..

1. Outlining your most important tasks (MIT) and making sure you do it first and fast.

2… and obviously controlling the time we spend doing things that are not part of our daily tasks..

Bottom line.. I realised I spent so much time browsing and trawling the internet, that my work suffered without me even realising it. We can do so much more..and our ultimate goal is to get to our best potential..right??


 Put a particular time slot for social media and catching up.. Stick to only that time frame and make  sure  it does not interfere with your work schedule and deliverables…I have recently started practicing this, and I must say, things have become much more effective.

So… Increase your productive time.. Maximise your output.. Shut the door to distractions and make sure you look absolutely fabulous while at it..

I am wearing this gorgeous pink dress by Ukulele. I absolutely love it.. it was stocking at Zinkata but has sadly sold out.. I have  more fabulous pieces..Come on!!  STOP BY..


IMG_8455 IMG_8458

Have a deeply fulfilling week.

Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

Dress: Ukulele

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