I worship at the Redeemed Christian Church occasionally. Usually, at the end of the service, the ushers give out free plastic containers of rice to the entire congregation. My default reaction is always a mumbled “no thanks”. This faithful Sunday however, I found myself smiling warmly, receiving the rice and thanking the ushers gratefully. Rice safely tucked away in my car, I proceeded to the filling station to get my tank filled for the week.

The fuel attendant was ever so helpful and chatty and I made a snap decision to hand him the Sunday rice.I first asked hesitantly if he had eaten, he said he hadn’t and was happy to accept my rice pack, I also bought him a drink and then proceeded on happily home without giving it any further thought.

Two Sundays later, I am back at the filling station. Refill done and Keys in the ignition, my car refuses to start. After several  futile  trials, it dawned on me that I was about to have one of those really long days. The fuel attendant helped me push my car to the side and away from obstructing his flow of business. There I was, still fiddling with my keys and hoping my car would eventually power up. Super intent I was on getting my car to come on that I was oblivious to my surroundings.

I looked up and there was another attendant knocking on my window and asking if he could help. I explained that my car wasn’t powering up and he asked to open my bonnet. He went on to persistently investigate the contents of my engine right through to a satisfying kick and my engine purred in co-operation. I was super grateful and thanked him ever so profusely. I can’t explain the gratitude I felt and he brushed off my thanks nicely without expecting any payment or compensation in return.. I always know when this isn’t the case.. You can sense the need for compensation even without the person speaking. This time, I could sense it was purely an act of kindness on his part.

I thanked him once again and then it dawned on me! He was the same guy I offered my rice pack to two weeks ago! I asked him immediately if he remembered me and He drew an honest blank. I totally believed him because the last time I was there, I didn’t have my current hair style; super long blonde braids.

Then it struck me, he was just a really nice guy and helped me out with my car, solely because he saw someone in need. I felt really comfortable handing him over rice and buying him a drink two Sundays ago, possibly because he is a really good guy and deserved it.Sometimes, good stuff gravitates around those that do good. Me, on the other hand, I was probably reaping the few good deeds I had done recently and had someone turn up to help with my car when I needed it most! And by sheer co-incidence, it happened to be him.It was such an interesting turn of events and one I learnt a lot from. We should always strive to be the kindest, most helpful us, we can ever be. Not just because it is convenient. Do good just for the sake of doing good! Do good just because it is the decent thing to do and because you love others just as you love yourself! Do good, expecting nothing in return.


Bottom line, be good always. …

Do you have any lessons to share with us?



Ezinne Chinkata

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