Day 3 was filled with Spectacular shows.. 2 outfits stood out for me from the entire line-ups of shows.. They were from the Eki Orleans and Washington Roberts shows.

Washington Roberts 

My first stand-out piece was a really elegant dress from Washington Robert’s stunning collection. The elegant application of the converging appliqués and the refinement of the design stood out majorly.. It also helped that his was one of the stronger shows of the night!

The Dress




Eki Orleans

Hers was awash with gorgeous frothy print fabric. Staying true to Eki Orlean’s general aesthetic, her collection was filled with chic ready to wear pieces conveyed in stunning print fabric. A dress stood out for me from her collection..solely for one major reason.. She managed to translate print fabric into an edgy almost couture piece.. It was quite  fresh, directional and TOTALLY OUTSTANDING.




Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: Kola Oshalusi


  1. Eki Orleans was a tragedy in print.
    Washington Roberts was amazing how he worked those appliqués so thoroughly and produced a cohesive refined collection apart from the opening look that the bottom part should have been cut off.

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