We were all born with different body types.. Some of us have a natural propensity towards being waif thin while others are naturally curvy. No “body” is better than the “other”.. ‘YES.. I said it‘. Let us all start by loving the exact body we are made in.. not looking wistfully at a 20-inch waistline or 6 metre long toned legs.. They were born that way.. We were made in our own way.. and that really should be enough for us..

That being said.. we should all strive to be at the best possible body we can be at every GIVEN time.. maintaining a healthy lifestyle of good nutrition, exercise and healthy habits.. and also lovingly understanding our body types..I have a quote for you:

We have within us;  qualities and looks sufficient for us to achieve anything we want to in this world..YOU ARE ENOUGH.

It is all about believing in Yourselves, Your looks, and capabilities.. and being confident and content in who YOU are and what YOU have.. It is a journey and  it starts with:


In today’s post.. I am wearing a tight blue dress from Reiss.. not very tight but still fitted.. Some of us may feel like wearing this dress but balk at the thought of it because we feel our waistlines are not streamlined enough or it just would not be a flattering look. I DIS-AGREE.

It all depends on how it’s styled! Yes”STYLING”.. Styling your pieces to suit your God-given shape is a nifty trick you should totally possess..

Here are 4 options for wearing a fitted dress with a pouch or thick midriff

1. A Long Scarf: This can be quite a different and cool direction. I am wearing an orange scarf/muffler draped over the dress. It draws attention away from my mid-setion and sort of streamlines my waist. Imagine throwing over different coloured scarves over your really fitted dresses..a gorgeous Ankara one would be awesome!

2. A jacket/ Waist Coat/ Throw-on: A waist coat or Jacket would add some structure to your waist and give you some more definition..

3. Spanx/Controlling Underwear: You would be shocked at what a difference this makes. Invest in a really comfortable one.

4. Self-Love: Love and accept every wonderful inch of your body and saunter into the room like you absolutely own it.. No jacket,waistcoat or Spanx beats this..


Here are some images of me.. totally loving “me”…


IMG_8345 IMG_8346 IMG_8362 IMG_8368 IMG_8369

Have a great Thursday all..

Please share this post with everyone you know.. Words of encouragement makes life not as complicated as we think..

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Ezinne Chinkata

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