In today’s post, we bring you our top styling tip for the week!

“Incorporating just one statement piece in your look for the day and balancing it out with basic classics”

It is a fail-safe nifty trick and should be employed as often as possible..Here are some examples:

1. A really basic black dress and  “statement”  shoes.

2. A really gorgeous  stand-out top and simple fitted pants and classic shoes

3. A classic simple silhouette and statement jewellery

4.A statement skirt and simple blouse or top … which is the case for my outfit in today’s post:

I am wearing a blue skirt with thread details from Gozel Green. (Stocks at Zinkata). Very flattering with a unique silhouette and interesting cuts.. It is certainly the statement piece in today’s outfit..

I matched it with a black swim-suit (worn as a top) and red shoes.. See photos below:


IMG_6911 IMG_6914 IMG_6926 IMG_6930 IMG_6944 IMG_6948

Have a great week all!!!



Ezinne Chinkata


  1. Breathless. Such mind blowing Originality by Gozel Green..Our New Fave Designer. And your very special ability to know exactly how to maximize’ll always have our heart. ?

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