We dress super formally to our various places of worship..  Hats, Scarves, Hijabs, Mid/long length skirts, Traditional wear etc.. Maybe not always formal..but for the most part ..” We troop out in our various honorary distinguished attires “.. Resplendent..grand..and dressed to the nines..

Our thoughts: We can dress down in our everyday clothes and manage to have a deep connection with our maker.. No?? What are your thoughts??

..as long as our attire of choice is not indecent/revealing..

Today’s church outfit was super laid-back.. and so much fun!! It is a 2-piece Ankara blouse and skirt(with a sash) by Rouge Vallari, styled with a white shirt and white converse all stars… Comfortable, easy and super fun!

See images below..

IMG_0945 IMG_0965


What are your thoughts??  What is your worship-wear style???

Please share..

Have a joyful Sunday all..



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