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How is your Sunday going? I hope we’ve had a fantastic one so far?  I woke up a bit harried. It was one of those really odd mornings where you are so sure you are working well in time with your schedule, till a look at your watch suggests you are way off the mark!I found myself in one of those moments today. There I was, almost 10+ minutes late for church. “This would never happen if Dad was around”, I pointed out to mom on our way to church. I am not quite sure that won me any extra points, judging by the way she rolled her eyes at me. You see, my Dad is a stickler for time and we end up at church really early. He is currently away and so it was just my darling mom and I today.

In my previous  post,  Read HERE If you missed it, I sort of mentioned that I would be sharing photos of me in the Territory Dress by The Lady Maker from Zinkata as well as sharing a little line from today’s sermon.

I shall start with the sermon: It was titled: “Being transformed into Christ’s nature“. I found it a really apt topic and to be quite honest, it is the crux of most of the issues we have today. We are church goers, listen to the word, go to church but the word does not live in us. We do not practice what the commandments state and our actions are nothing like Christ’s. The vicar had this to say:”Commit ourselves to God. Go to him and surrender yourselves absolutely to him, he would fulfil his purpose. Regular church attendance and  reading your daily devotionals would aid a great deal in your gradual transformation.”

In a nutshell, devote your life to living as Christ did. If we all did this, there would be a drastic decrease in all the issues facing the world.It was quite a powerful sermon and I truly pray we all actively seek to be the best us we can be always! Acting fairly and with love in our hearts always.

As promised, here are photos of me in the Territory Dress by The Lady Maker. I teamed it with a brown bag by Qamin. I felt really awesome in it to be quite honest… and got some awesome feedback.

See photos below:


 Momma and I

Please email me (info@zinkata.com) photos of you in your Sunday wear! We would love to feature it on here!

Here’s to  a truly amazing week ahead!! I shall keep striving to be the best me I can be! and wish you all the very best as well!!


Ezinne Chinkata



  1. Ulumma Gbayesola Reply

    Aww Zinny😍😍😍,
    You dont disappoint. To be honest I wasn’t going to expect anything less from you. This dress is everything – from the patterns to the styling to the leopard print effect and all accessories used on it. Plus girl, you look so pretty in it. You and your lovely mom rock, honestly.

    Thanks for sharing the word from what one could call a seasoned minister and giving that wake up call to continually allow ourselves be transformed into the image of Christ which is our essence for living. Its indeed a revival cry much needed in this time and season. God bless you richly for this.

    • Ulumma! If only you know how happy your comment made me! Thank you! To be honest, it was a really happy day for my mom and I on Sunday. Great sermon, and I think she was a bit happy with my dress..Lol! The sermon left me with a lot to ponder upon.. I truly hope we can all be transformed. What a beautiful life it would be!

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