What did you wear to church last weekend? My outfit to church was pre-planned as opposed to last service’s spur of the moment  pairing. Please click here if you missed my last Sunday style post. For this week’s , I wore a  matching pair of pants (culotttes) and tie-back top from my wardrobe. They date back to the earlier days at Zinkata and our gorgeous Christmas pieces from Dahlia. For accessories, I went for a black fascinator with a black vintage veil, hand made by Itam designs and Navy Blue shoes from Designers Club, Lagos. Off I was and ready to get my praise on.

Momma and I

Church was amazing.. The sermon rang so true! Afterwards I looked around and sensed a deep sense of sobriety in the entire church.. I feel the sermon sort of hit home on different levels for most of the congregation. I shall give you all a short swift rundown of the sermon..yes please!

The title of the sermon was “Raising a new generation of Christians”

It was quite an intriguing sermon as the Vicar started off with discussing the need for succession plans. He elaborated by saying every business needs a proper succession plan to ensure the continuity of the business.Same as families, and the government, especially Nigeria. Christian churches in some countries run the risk of extinction because the Priests, Reverends and Pastors of the older generation did not lay out proper succession plans for the new generation to take on. Then it went to families and parents.  Do you have a succession plan for your children?

He gave further examples of succession plans:

  • Jesus had a succession plan, he empowered his disciples! They stayed back and preached the good news all around the world with passion and fire
  • Joshua Succeeded Moses
  • St Paul had spiritual sons prominent among them was Timothy

Do the younger generation look at you and admire the burning passion for Christ in you? Do you lead by example? Do you stick to the doctrines and show them that you are a spirit filled christian?

How do we live  a life that raises a new generation of Christians?

a.We must teach biblical principles and live by them

b.We must help our youths to develop their gifts

c.We must assist them to fulfil a bright future, by empowering them

d. We must involve them and bring them closer

e. Have listening ears and see things from their perspective

f.We must be good examples


This was the flow of the sermon in a nutshell..I took back so much from it!

Psalm 11 vs3: If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?”

We must all build a strong foundation, filled with a burning passion for Christ and lead by example. Love one another and be each others keepers. Put Christ ahead of us and live exemplary lives. If we only did a quarter of all these, the world will be a much better place!

Have a blessed week all!


Ezinne Chinkata



  1. Ulumma Gbayesola Reply

    “I am going to marry Jesus today” should be the name of this Sunday outfit, ha ha?. Nice trousers and fascinating.
    God bless for sharing the message as well.x

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