I slept really late last night and burrowed even deeper into my duvet this morning when mother dearest stepped into the room in whiffs of perfume by 7:30 am, ready to fetch me to go off for the Anglican service we worship at together.It just wasn’t happening.

Two more hours of much needed snoozes later, I decided to make it for the 10:30 am service at the Pentecostal church nearby. I managed to make it on time!


Church Style

Vaguely in my mind I had conjured up a look for church the day before. I channeled a makeshift skirt suit; by wearing a denim jacket , a teeshirt and a denim skirt with block heels. It was a bit of a different direction from my usual church style, but one I embraced as quite fun and chic!

Sister In-Law dearest: Pamela Chinkata


The Sermon

Out of touch with God“. That was the rousing  opening statement for today’s service and one the Pastor expanded upon right through the sermon.We went on to read Luke 10:25-37 (THE PARABLE OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN).

From the parable, it is quite clear that the Samaritan acted like a neighbour more than the Priest or even the Levite. He (The Good Samaritan) was in touch with God.You may go to church, be seen as a born again Christian and still be out of touch with your maker.  It calls for a need to re-examine ourselves. Are we still in faith? Have we walked before him in truth? Are you pleasing God or just pleasing yourself? A question worthy to be asked of us all.What have you done for the master this year? By simple neglect, one goes out of touch with the Lord.When we are out of touch with the lord, we are on our own!

I don’t know about you all my darling Zinkata readers, but I certainly do not want to mauovere this big scary world by myself. I need the special guidance of the Lord and His begotten son Jesus, to guide, protect and lead me to glorious eternity! Isn’t that what we should all strive for? The right growth would come our way, one in which we grow with the Lord in truth and not away from his word and doctrines, once we surrender our hearts and souls to him completely.

There are many instances in the bible where it highlights the downfall of great men when they fall out of touch with their maker. There is the big ole story of Samson (STORY OF SAMSON).  As well as Saul’s sad ending as a result of his dis-obedience to the Lord (Saul’s dis-obedience). There are also great triumphs to be won by staying true to God’s word and serving him in truth. Such as Enoch’s walk with the Lord (Enoch’s Victory).

In conclusion, he urged us to hold fast to the Lord. As well as constantly praying for the Lord to take away from us  anything that will take us away from him. Are you winning a battle and losing a war?

As we go into this week in this glorious month of November, May the Lord shower us with abundant blessings and grace stemming from our steadfast faith and dedicated service to him!

Stay fabulous all!



Ezinne Chinkata





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