Today’s Sunday Style: I wore a dress by FIA available at Zinkata in different sizes. It is quite a structural and bold dress. I teamed it with a cream fascinator and red heels, and set off for church.

It was my first time at the church I attended today.I struggled a bit with getting the sermon style. However, it was a bit of a similar message to one preached previously at my family church.

It was themed, Serving God through others. The Vicar started off by  saying that we all have unique gifts from God. It is our responsibility to seek  God with all our hearts, and depend on him to find and develop our gift, so others can benefit from it.

He further expanded by urging us not to keep our abilities to ourselves. “It is your responsibility to depend on God to develop your gift, so others can benefit from it.Bless and serve others around you”.

A classic example of people serving the Lord and people through their gifts; The members of the choir. They dedicate time to develope their singing skills , so the congregation can enjoy the service and be blessed, inspired and ministered through it.


This leads to an obvious question. What is your gift? How can you use it to serve humanity? Living selflessly and impacting on people around you.

I also smiled a bit at myself because  for the first time, I sort of had an idea what my gift was and how I could bless people through it.

Pray share. What is your gift? How would you give back to people with it?

Church was even more amazing because The church I attended  is my brother and sister Inlaw’s church. We sat together at church and went off afterwards for lunch with Christ in our hearts.. O what a glorious Sunday afternoon it was.


Have a blessed Sunday!


May your gifts shine bright and bless people around you abundantly.

“Good works enrich life, become a pattern for imitation.Give yourself and your gift. It demonstrates love”.




Ezinne Chinkata





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