It is another beautiful Sunday and another great opportunity to share with you a little bit on my Sunday Style & Worship. I shall delve right into it.

What I wore to Church: I woke up late again! Drat! I must confess I hadn’t given what to wear to church this morning much thought at all! I literally dressed up in a bit of a rush and basically ran out of the house, as I was ever so anxious not to miss the Sermon and have nothing to share.¬†Today, I wore a cream dress with multi-coloured tassels from the store. It is by SavvybyMo and I really like the sleeves and the fit of it, bar one little dilemma. It is cut at the side a tad bit too far up for church. My black pleated skirt from my wardrobe was a life saver! I threw it on along with black shoe botties and an animal print fascinator. Off I was to church for what ended up to be a spirit filled service.


The Message: The sermon for today was delivered by a really impassioned lady! I could feel her passion and dedication to her topic from the minute she stepped in! It was truly awe inspiring.She ran amok with so much spirit filled messages, I managed to tap into a few of them to bring to you all.


In a nutshell, she spoke about the importance of having a deep relationship with the Lord. She said, for this to happen, we have to pursue the Lord relentlessly. Where we are consumed with the need to know him more, hear from him and be filled with the holyspirit to see things clearly and be clear on our propose on earth, because we are so tightly aligned to him.

How do we achieve this?? This sentence rang deep ” A powerless Christian is a useless Christian”. Christians should be so strongly aligned with the Lord that they are filled with his spirit and able to discern things and fight spiritual battles.To be able to achieve this, we must feed our spirit man on a daily basis.We have to have an active relationship with the father. We have to chase after him relentlessly with a burning passion, and he will take control of our lives and make everything right. Do not just be a comfortable Christian, you need to stir up your spirit.

It was a lot to take in but one I pondered upon quite deeply. In all, I took away this from today’s sermon.

The need to deepen my relationship with the Lord. To be less consumed with the things of the world and more consumed with him and getting to know him more and understanding and appreciating the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us all on the cross. It is such a powerful thought the implication of all this, and one we should go to all lengths to know more of and direct our paths more on!It is all baby steps, but one i am willing to take on steadfastly!

Who is with me on this???


Have an amazing rest of the weekend all!

Here’s to an amazing week ahead.


Ezinne Chinkata

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