This week, I worshipped at the Redeemed church near mine’s. It was a rousing service with quite a powerful message.

What I wore: For Church today, I opted for an old time favourite: A frock in my wardrobe by Meena. I teamed it with gold flat sandals and a muted lime green bag; both by Zashadu. It felt really comfortable and effortless.


See photos below:


The Sermon

It is given unto us to understand the mysteries of the kingdom of God.

The Mystery of Purity: If you are pure, you are transparent. The purer you are and the more committed you are to the path of holiness, the harder the devil finds it to penetrate. When you are pure, you have the power of light and when darkness sees you, it fades away. Purity gives you boldness. When you are living right in the Lord and believe in him implicitly, all your worries will be set upon his feet with confidence that all shall be fine and no weapon fashioned against you can/shall prosper! The power of purity.

How do we get pure? By staying free of sin! The blood of Jesus cleanses us constantly from our sins. The blood of Jesus is so powerful that there is nothing the kingdom of hell has over it. It is available to you. Christ came to die for our sins and shed his blood for our salvation.

The sermon expanded on the different instances in the bible where Jesus shed blood for our salvation.

Such as:

a. During the crucifixion, when he was pierced at the side and shed blood and water

b. During crucifixion again, when they yanked forcefully at his beard


To understand the mystery of Christ’s blood shedding and the seven significant instances he shed blood in the bible, please read:  THIS ARTICLE

The church was born with the blood of Jesus. The church is the bride of Christ. You can apply the blood of Jesus to the various instances of your life when you give your life to Christ. Christ is our peace and he is available to us all. If only we believe and seek him ardently!

As we go into this week, may the blood of Jesus be available to us all and keep us wholly centred.


Have a blessed week all.





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