Hello all, I hope you all are having a great day! It’s exactly one day to Christmas and exactly one week away from 2018. I am so excited! Today’s post is my weekly Sunday Style post, where I share with you all a healthy dose of Fashion, A bit of African Culture and my Christian Faith! A truly wholesome combination. This week, I set off quite early with my parents to worship at my family’s Anglican Church. It was a great day of bonding with family and worshipping together.

What I wore: My style choice for church was quite hurriedly decided. I woke up this morning with the looming realisation that I had nothing set aside to wear. My darling mom came into my room to get help with zipping up her blouse and I sort of got inspired by her outfit.She was dressed in Traditional wear; an embellished skirt and blouse made from Vlisco fabric in a vibrant mixed green print, with a light purple scarf. I opted for a bottle green heavily embellished cape with floral details by CapeSoul from my wadrobe. I threw it over a matching velvet green dress from my wardrobe by &otherstories. Green Earrings, Green Shoes and Red Pumps and I was ready to face church in true festive fashion.

Mrs Clara Chinkata (Mom) and I
Mr Forster Chinkata (Dad) & i

The Sermon
Today’s sermon was titled “Pragmatic Christianity“. Here’s a summary of what I got from it.

The Reverend started off by describing Pragmatic Christianity as the bane of Christian faith; a deadly enemy of the church. At this point, I feel it is quite important to define what Pragmatic means: “dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations“.

Therefore, a pragmatic Christian is one that creates their own truth to suit their situation at different times. They create their own truths and interpretations of the bible that  is convenient to them but not necessarily what God has prescribed. A pragmatic Christian has an unhealthy desire to please those around them at all costs and risks everything to be accepted, including breaking the laws and rules guiding true christianity. Biblical truths are being subject to human rationalisation. Christians are going through an era where the truth is subjective.

A famous example of the negative effects of practising Pragmatic Christianity is the story of Eve in the bible. Adam and Eve knew all the rules the Lord had laid before them in the Garden of Eden and lived according to that, till the serpent tempted Eve. The Serpent tried to rationalise why she should eat the forbideen fruit and gave her different practical reason to justify this. She went against the truth (God’s law) and went ahead and ate the fruit. The rest of the story as you all know is negative repercussions all around for her and Adam. You can click on the highlighted text  for a refresher condensed version of this story: ADAM & EVE

A true Christian is supposed to walk by faith and not by Sight, thus says the Lord” Pragmatism causes us to lose focus as a church and we begin to create our own standards. According to the Reverend, in recent times, people come to church to be entertained as opposed to leaving with sobriety, this he says is pragmatism.As Christians we need to be able to differentiate what the real scripture says  from the man made version . Once again it dawns on me the importance of knowing the bible. Read it,meditate upon it and understand what the Lord expects from us as his children. That way, we know exactly what is expected of us and not the man made interpretations.

There are also a lot of scriptures in the bible  highlighting practical examples of where people practiced non-pragmatic christianity. Where they stuck to the laws even when it was not what they wanted. Even when it looked like it would have a negative result. Such as the story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham did not try to justify reasons for not going through with sacrificing his only son. He went ahead until the Lord provided him with an alternative. Blind faith and obedience! Here’s a link to this remarkable biblical story:Abraham & Isaac.

These days, it is very tempting to focus on the end result rather than on God’s express command. Practicing pragmatic christianity leads us to doing all sorts of things to suit our needs. Such as:

  1. Stealing as a justifiable means
  2. Bribery to move forward because we need the money to help the needy
  3. Trying to outsmart the scriptures
  4. Rationalizing things and terming some laws as old fashioned to suit our current beliefs.

It is quite tempting to satisfy the urgent needs of the flesh as opposed to waiting on the Lord and heeding his word.It is however very possible to be a non-pragmatic Christian. It is a journey that starts first with accepting Christ as your personal saviour and having an honest and truthful desire to be the best version of yourself you can be regardless of your circumstance.To stick to the truth even if it is un-popular. To trust in the Lord with all your heart and strength and carry the cross proudly and wholeheartedly.This is the journey of Christianity and we can all do it if we urgently love and seek God truly. Ask and he shall give you your hearts desires.

May we all be at our most unpragmatic Christian selves during this merry season. May the spirit of Christ dwell in us and propel us to greater heights of fellowship with him!

Stay Victorious!


Ezinne Chinkata

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