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It’s the Last Sunday of the year 2017 and also time for another Sunday Style post. This week, I worshipped all by myself in the Pentecostal church near my house. I had a long day of work yesterday and had to opt for a later time for worship as opposed to the very early service with my parents at our family church.


What I wore to Church

Usually, I take the time out to sort of map out what to wear on Sundays. This was not the case for todays’s service and also my Sunday style had to take a different direction as the church I was attending isn’t as formal as my regular church. I picked out an old favourite skirt by Bridget Awosika from my wardrobe, teamed it with a brand new top I am quite obsessed with by Meena and stocking at Zinkata. Matching shoes, alice band and my handbag and I was more than ready to tackle church head on.

Something struck me as I was all dressed for church; Almost every thing I had on was purchased from stores in Nigeria or made in Nigeria. I shall itemize below:

  1. Top: Meena and from Zinkata
  2. Skirt: Bridget Awosika
  3. Shoes: Jimmy Choo’s from Polo Avenue
  4. Bag: Zashadu
  5. Bejewelled Hair Band: Designers Club


I am slowly but surely becoming a solid purveyor of made in Nigeria in the truest sense. It was quite an interesting observation to make as I drove contemplatively down to church to worship wholeheartedly on the last Sunday of the year 2017.


See photos of my outfit below


There was an exciting buzz in the air as I walked into church.The church was in a celebratory mood,the entire congregation was ecstatic, grateful to be present on the last day of the year 2017 and filled with abundant praise for the one who made it possible. It was a contagious energy and in no time, I was overwhelmed with feelings of intense joy and gratitiude for all I experienced in 2017 and looking onto 2018 with excitement. It has been such a worthwhile journey, one made even more beautiful because I walked it with the Lord.

The Sermon

The officiating pastor was going to lead us on a worship filled Sunday and the theme for the brief sermon was “God on our side”. Here’s a brief rundown of what I took back from this:

We are all here on the last day of 2017, despite the recession, the tough times, challenges and all sorts of battles and situations plaguing the country. It is really a miracle and we should be grateful to God, because he is with us. It is very important to have God by our side at all times.

Something else struck me, whilst he was preaching about it being important to have God on our side. I flipped the title of the sermon in the opposite direction but with almost the same meaning. “It is also very important to be on God’s side”. To stick to his doctrines, stay by him through thick and thin and believe in him implicitly that everything will be just fine even when it doesn’t look like it would. Christianity is a journey of hope and faith and we must hold on fast to this regardless of whatever curve life may throw us.

He went further to explain reasons why as Christians we need the Lord by our side at all times:

  1. To protect us:As Christians we are open to trials and tribulations in different ways from the world. As a result of fear, envy, attacks on our faith and so forth.Below are some verses you can read in your spare time from the bible that highlights when people are persecuted for no reason but for their faith and because the Lord was on their side: Exodus 1 vs 7, Psalms 2 vs 1-2, 2 Kings 16 vs 7-8.With the Lord on our side and us firmly believing in him, we will be filled with peace and courage to move forward in the world. Adversity shall not faze us, difficult times strengthen us and persecution holds no power over us. We are firm and staunchly aligned to him and surrender ourselves to his ways implicitly. We are here at the end of 2017, not because we are better than those no more here, but because the Lord has chosen to keep us here for a reason. It is our duty to stick to his side firmly, so he guides us and leads us further to live and achieve the  purpose he has set aside for us.
  1. We need God by our side for all our personal journeys and challenges:. Sometimes, we pray, we fast, we ask and we do all the right things but it seems like the Lord is not hearing us. You are wrong dear one. His ways are not our ways and it is at these trying times that we need him the most. In moments of depression,fear, anxiety, loneliness, affliction and  challenges to your faith, make sure the Lord is by your side, so you don’t backslide.

This bible verse says it all: Psalm 42VS 5:

Why, my soul, are you downcast?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
my Savior and my God.

This was the sermon in a nutshell and we went on worship the Lord in spectacular praise and thanksgiving for a great 2017. In 2018, we certainly need God by our side at every step. I am so excited and can’t wait to unfold all that is set out for me, through Christ who strengthens me.

Have a thrilling Sunday all!

Enjoy the last hours of 2017 and cheers to a spectacular new year!


See you at the top!

Ezinne Chinkata

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