Sundays are one of my favourite days!! I get the added benefit of sharing it with you all via this portal! I am still visiting England and once again worshipped at the Catholic church in Southgate, London.

What I wore

I wore a Mixed Print outfit; Pinafore and Shirt made from Vlisco fabric. It is one of the first looks I made for Zinkata’s debut collection. I matched it with white sneakers and my new obsession; A bag by Cult Gaia.

The Message

Today’s gospel was really about the Gospel of Jesus Christ; which is the basis of our Christian life. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our salvation. We all need to take time out to take in the implication of him dying on the cross for us; the love and the huge sacrifice he made on the cross for our sake! As well as the beauty of the fact that he still lives and is available to us, if we seek him with all our hearts. Once we understand implicitly and believe deeply, then we can repent of all our sins and live worthy lives as witnesses of Christ!


May the impact of his crucifixion and resurrection remain real in our lives this week!



Ezinne Chinkata

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