I have recently found myself increasingly eager to honour invites for exciting events. I once went through a phase where I was completely burnt out and could hardly muster any enthusiasm for social gatherings. All that is well in the past and I am ever so grateful! Thanks to becoming more mindful of self and pampering my mind, body and soul.I shall write a separate post about that soon.

Now, about the Vlisco event or to be more accurate, more like what I wore to the Vlisco Event on the 27th of Last month. The IV promised an intriguing night of art celebrating the Ibo tradition. I wore a stark structured midi red dress with a matching cape with a longer drape on one side. It is by The Lady Maker and will be available in store pretty soon.My outfit of choice was chosen because I felt it would be a nice contrast to the artistic leanings and colourful Vlisco prints of the night.I felt all snug and sharp in this look and teamed it with matching shoes and lips with a purple clutch. It was a nice opportunity to mingle and a great night to be out!

See photos of outfit below:

L-R: Ngozi Nkwoji, Ezinne Chinkata and Kemi Adetiba


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Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: Insigna Media




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