I was one of “them girls”… dressed up to the hilt at the air-port.. Heels..major dress etc.. “Everyday is a party!”, I have been often heard wildly proclaiming..when I get perplexed looks from people asking me.. “Where are you going?”..

Recently, I got quite a surprising jolt and felt it worth sharing..It was the 31st of November and I was heading to the East for the new year Celebrations. Rifling through my wardrobe..  Every single outfit just felt a tad-bit much and like too much of an effort. I was super conflicted.. and the only thing that sort of made sense was sporty/athleisure/lounge wear. I slipped it (work-out pants, a vest, sneakers and an ankara sports jacket by Kinabuti) on and I felt super comfortable, modern and just right.

Then it dawned on me..there is a new paradigm shift..In fashion and style .. Fashion has become super comfortable.. and most styles are fused nicely with sporty/comfortable  influences… To back up this claim.. Wikipedia states:

Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for athletic workouts at a gymnasium, sometimes termed activewear, is worn outside of the gym to go to the office or shopping or other social occasions. Athleisure outfits are “yoga pants, tights and leggings” that “look like athletic wear” characterized as “fashionable, dressed up sweats and exercise clothing”.The idea is that “gym clothes are making their way out of the gym and becoming a larger part of people’s everyday wardrobes”. By some accounts, the athleisure trend grew out of women wearing yoga pants.Another account suggests that the trend came about because people could wear them for multiple occasions without having to change, which meant greater convenience, since people did not have to carry an extra gym outfit on the way to the office, for example.Reports in USA Today and in the Wall Street Journal describe the athleisure market as growing, displacing typical workwear styles, and cutting in to sales of jeans,with a market size in 2014 as $35 billion, representing an 8% increase from the previous year.While the trend was started by women, men are increasingly turning to athleisure wear as well. For men’s fashion, athleisure wear began with luxury sweatpants and then moved to the upper torso region with “dressy/sporty versions of men’s blazers, varsity jackets, pea coats and sweaters”

So..It is quite fashionable to come across more laid-back in your style.

I have a different take on this.. I attribute this trend to Emancipation.. and modern thinking. Women/ Men and the world in general have come to realise that the ultimate fashion style success really lies in how you feel inside and not about what you wear.. You can wear the simplest of garments (as long as it is clean and neat and still feel and look like a million bucks. It all boils down to how amazing you feel..and what we feel we project.

So increasingly, we should channel ourselves towards activities that harness the inner us, brings us peace as well as boosts our confidence. Let the inner you speak from within… It actually outshines your clothing and sets you aglow.. regardless of what you are wearing..

I find myself increasingly delving into activities that feeds the inner me..Such as:

1. Praying Fervently.. being in tune with the Lord.. (Spiritual Fulfilment)

2. Exercising.. I swim everyday..it’s a new thing I have taken on.. and it is such a confidence and mood uplifter..

3. Tackling my tasks diligently and being on top of as much as is humanly possible..

4. Spreading as much love as I can to the world around. Give love and you receive love in return..

… and many more “feel good activities”.. What are yours??

See photos below:


IMG_4502 IMG_4507


Have a truly chilled weekend all!



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