Over the past few days, pictures of Elizabeth Awoliyi’s (Liz) gorgeous pre-wedding photos have trended quite majorly all over the social media channels. Liz is the Online Manager of Geneveive Magazine and a Social Media strategist. We absolutely love a great love story and caught up with Liz for a bit of the scoop!!Please read and get inspired!


Liz 1

Zinkata: Hello Liz! Congratulations on your engagement!

Liz: Thank you so much. I feel like we gave birth! The love from everyone has been incredible, feeling so blessed.Thanks


Zinkata: How does it feel being engaged and knowing you would spend forever with this one person?

Liz :It’s a happy feeling, nothing but joy and happiness because you’ve finally found that ONE. He is my other half in every sense of the word. I am already living my forever and I appreciate it and feel so protective of it.




Z: How did you meet?

L: We met through a friend, very interesting story which you will be able to read on our wedding website.


Z: Was it perfect right from the start?
L: It was challenging because we were initially having a long distance relationship. But over time, growing together, getting to know each other better, praying and fasting together and essentially becoming each-others best-friend and confidant made feelings more intense. There is nothing like a perfect relationship, but for us, it’s been open communication, open heart and an open mind all the way.




Z: At what point did you realise he was the one ?
L – I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Tosin within weeks of meeting him. There was a particular day that I did something I expected him to scold me for but his approach and how gentle, caring, protective and loving he was about the whole thing made me realise I had a keeper.

Liz 6

Z: Wow!! Super awesome Liz! We wish you all the best!!

L: Thank you so much Ezinne and the Zinkata fam.


Z: Any famous parting words?
L: Be patient – BELIEVE – Trust your instincts.


Congratulations once again Liz.. Does this sound familiar?? Did you know your significant other was the one immediately as well?? Please share your experiences!!




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