Checks and Stripes?? Fashion Nay or Yay? For me, it’s a resounding yes! It was a thrilling discovery, realising them  two(stripes and prints) went in a way that created a really intriguing visual impact! It all started quite innocently. I shall tell you all about it.

I scored this gorgeous check off the shoulder top and orange stripe skirt from my darling sister, Eugoh’s wardrobe. See photo above. (Sisters are the best for hand-me downs and in other cases, “wear and return”).I picked these two pieces from her wardrobe though they were quite an unlikely choice for me, I came to the delightful discovery that pooled together, the mix of prints fused together really well.

I decided to wear them both together to the dismay of my darling sister. She felt I had lost the plot a little bit. I truly believed her for a bit, but I got really excited with the combination and went right ahead and wore it anyways.Checks and Stripes certainly work! They can be worn together to create a really striking outfit.  I shall certainly endorse it for truly amazing fashion moments.

Here are 5 tips to get you trying out the checks and stripes look without feeling like a circus freak.

a. The number one tip for mixing checks and stripes in an outfit is to make sure the colours complement each other. If the colours go perfectly well together already, then they would also work as check and stripe co-ordinates. Say for example, a light blue check and a dark blue stripe. They are both in the same colour spectrum and would not look way off if you wore them together. The easiest way to make it work is to choose complimentary colours.

b. For the fashion risk lovers, stick with the same rules, complimentary colours but you could work with colour blocked co-ordinates. Navy blue and Bottle green are both contrasting colours but work well together .You could go a bit bolder by wearing a navy blue stripe with a bottle green stripe. Or even have as much fun as you like with it!

c. Most times, it’s safer to place the bolder more dominant  prints on the bottom half. This depends largely on your body type and what flatters your figure.

d.Keep the rest of the look fairly classic. Mixing prints can be a bit of a big deal to be honest! It would be delving into dangerous territories if you decided to whip out your most alternative shoes and tie them up with a way out there bag! Let’s just say the visual impact may be too “special”. Still, if that’s where you are headed and you are not afraid of some extra-specialness, then by all means go on with it! If you are however interested in mixing the prints whilst keeping it all on the safe side of fashion styling, then please keep your shoes, bags and accessories to the simplest styles and allow your outfit be the dominant factor.

e. Still confused? Then enrol my styling services. I would love to assist you.


Have an awesome day all. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Please write in and share your thoughts on print mixing and what other combinations you feel work or do not.

More photos below:



Have a blessed Thursday all!



Ezinne Chinkata


  1. Ulumma Gbayesola Reply

    Chinkus-lala, taking up a challange to mixing patterns always works for you no matter what?. I thought it an odd choice at first but I guess another factor that made your check-stripes combo work effortlessly well is you chose colours that complemented your skin colour or tone, even down to the colour of your hair. And the casual slippers works it well. It actually looks very radiant and lovely in the sun / broad day light. I still see it looking nice in the evening maybe somewhere in a holiday destination with a similar colour of a summer hat on top or plain rafia hat. It’s a winning summer outfit for sure so thanks again for the inspiration.

    • Thank you Ulumma! I agree I can totally wear it in the evening. I actually toyed with the idea. Are you sure a career in fashion doesn’t await you?

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