I remember vividly saying to Tana “Come and visit me at Zinkata..I will treat you to a mini make-over”..I made the promise rather flippantly, without putting much thought to it..Tana is my dearest friend, Nnenna Ukadike’s 9 year old daughter..Seeing Tana’s eye’s light up in excitement sort of made me realise I would be held accountable..and really soon…

and Saturday it was.. My phone rang and it was Nnenna.. “Tana and I are coming over”! “Excellent! Lets get this show on”..In true treating the youg’uns form.. I wore a red frilly skirt by Tiffany Amber and a cropped top from Dahlia, all from my wardrobe..handmade sandals by Karelle finished  off my look and off I rushed quite excitedly to Zinkata..The red of my outfit also kind of put me back in Christmas spirits..

I was in such an awesome place in my head.. so awesome that I actually stopped by the Lekki-Ikoyi toll bridge and took a few photos.. The thought of Tana being super excited and happy put an extra spring in my step..


IMG_4539 IMG_4543 IMG_4548


Tana’s make-over was really just about making her happy .. Zinkata is located inside Bmpro (Make-up studio).. so I booked Tana in for a  mini ” introuction to make-up session” as well as a manicure and pedicure. In all this Tana’s shy smile never wavered..


Tana Ukadike.. after her Junior Make-over (Peep the glittery eye-shadow?).. Getting a pedicure
Nnenna Ukadike, Tana Ukadike and I

IMG_4561 IMG_4568 IMG_4571


and so it went.. with laughter.. joy and of course “drama” from Momma (Nnenna)..when Tana boldly asked for coloured nail polish! (Lol)..What a fun day it was!!

May Joy and Grace surround you today.. Put a smile on someone’s face over the weekend .. The pleasant process would put a smile on yours as well.. Joy begets joy!!

May your days be blessed …


Ezinne Chinkata



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