I usually approach Monday with a bit of dread and trepidation.Suddenly I recognise that weird feeling in the pit of my stomach for exactly what it is ; the dreaded four letter word…


The fear of failing in my tasks..of not getting it done..of things not going as it needs to..and hundreds of other worries(fears)..All these feelings crystallise in my mind subconsciously and I end up approaching a fairly harmless Monday with a heavy heart.

I have decided to banish it all.. and start off the week immensely happy and totally convinced it would be the best week of the month for me!! Super geared to do all the work and excited to start!!A total 360 from my usual mini panic attacks! How did I achieve this?? With gritty determination and a deep heartfelt prayer to God..It may not go alright immediately.. But even the struggle is an indication of progress..

Our state of mind determines how super productive we get.. A positive and assertive state of mind would go a really long way for us this week. BE mindlessly ambitious…

The images below are a great representation of my state of mind as we speak.. Happy, Excited, Thankful and ready to tackle the week full on!! I am wearing a black and Gold outfit from Zinkata..(Available in different sizes)

IMG_9563_Fotor_Collage collage34 554 3333

Have a great week all.. and please write in with helpful tips!! Together, we shall conquer!!


Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

Outfit: Zinkata

Neckpiece and Headpiece: Vintage

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