Yesterday was a good friend’s wedding and I faced my usual dilemma.. Busy all through the week and last minute thoughts on a choice outfit.. Does this sound familiar???

This post would run you through my thought process ..before I come up with an oufit.. would give you tips on how to maximise looks in your wardrobe..and how to create the perfect look as a wedding guest.


I decided to re-visit items I had already worn.. (re-rock)When in doubt.. I  gravitate towards black.. Black is frowned upon by some for weddings.. I believe it depends on the nature of the black garment..

I pulled out a black long dress from my wardrobe with mesh lace details.. It is by Ukulele and stocks at Zinkata. I wore it previously, pretty casually to the SMWSTYLE Summit.. Remember??

#chilling behavia...  #ndiigbo. #smwstylesummit..
#chilling behavia… #ndiigbo. #smwstylesummit..

Here’s a link to my post on it: Style Summit

Today I had loftier plans for the dress.. to give it  a more elegant spin.. I teamed it with a waist clincher/skirt from Meena,..It’s detachable and I had worn it previously for my friends wedding in Miami with the original dress it came with..

#weddingoff #Hourihanhitchfest #miami2015.. In @meenaofficial's dress ..
#weddingoff #Hourihanhitchfest #miami2015.. In @meenaofficial’s dress ..



Nigerian weddings are quite colourful and extravagant.. Most women would probably be decked out in really colourful traditional attire.. For accessories, in this case “Less is not necessarily more”.. Feel free to delve a teeny weeny bit into the extravagant lane..

I cast my eyes around my wardrobe and it hit my favourite Hat.. I have had this hat for aeons and wore it about 2 years ago as well for the Genevieve Magazine Polo event.. Not my favourite fashion moment at the time.. Image can be found in link below

Link here:Genevieve Magazine Polo event

Hat on.. Dress on.. and I cut a very assessing eye at my outfit.. It was alright.. I pulled out gold shoes.. because I felt the style of shoes complimented the dress.. and I ALSO loved the gold and silver contrast of shoes and hat..

For a little extra in the accessories department.. I delved into “Mother dearest’s” room and trailed out with a bejewelled pearl choker. A muted black purse and the result are the photos below..

IMG_5040 IMG_5058 IMG_5060 IMG_5064 IMG_5071 IMG_5073 IMG_5074 IMG_5083 IMG_5084 IMG_5085 IMG_5088



Have a blessed Sunday all..

and remember to live a life filled with positivity …


Ezinne Chinkata


  1. Ezinne I love everything about the outfit. It’s just gorgeous!
    However isn’t it a bit risqué for a daytime wedding? Considering the top back of the dress……

    • Thank you!! You may have a point re: risqué.. It depends on the sort of wedding I suppose.. Your size and comfort levels…

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