It all started with a phone-call; From Nollywood Star Monalisa Chinda’s Office: “Hi, Ezinne.. Monalisa has a wedding invitation and the Aso-ebi fabric has been delivered to us. We would love to have you style her”.

…and with gratitude in my heart for a job I enjoy doing.. I meekly accepted the job and  tackled the task with a clear head and decisive spirit..

Designer of Choice: I placed a call to Ify Azubike, the creative designer of the Lady Maker. I love Ify’s calm spirit and ready to go attitude. She very swiftly came on board and asked for images of the fabric.

.. which I sent immediately!! Watsapp messenger is a whiz!!


red fabric
Red Lace Fabric
Gold Fabric
Gold Fabric


The Lady maker came up with different options and we decided on this sketch.. after considering the key features:

1. Monalisa’s body shape

2. Her style

3. Her preferences and our direction

..with all these in mind..We narrowed down to this design below:

A classic, simple, sophisticated piece. See photo below.


Production proceeded… I got the first view of the dress: “The Lady Maker” had implemented some slight changes!! It was perfect!!

The Lady Maker’s design

First Fitting went amendments at all!! ..

Mona” was a bit apprehensive.. she felt it was a bit too modest and may come off as a boring option.. but she loved the fit and cut of the dress..and eventually it grew on her …

She is extremely beautiful..and sometimes.. less is indeed more..

A note from the Lady Maker:

Monalisa has a classic beauty that’s very striking, so we knew she could wear a dress with understated, timeless glamour and make it her own. Just before we started making the dress, we deviated from the sketch a little, and thankfully it turned out even better. On a lighter note, my sister is a huge fan of hers and I knew she would be terribly upset if Monalisa didn’t look amazing. Thankfully, she did!
Event Day:

Day dawned bright and beautiful.. We styled her dress quite simply but with coral beads and a gold choker as well as Dark Plum Gucci heels to make it a bit “More Now”.. The result was a..”dare I say ravishing Mona”?!…

First Option: At first we tried out the multicoloured bag as an option

IMG_3393 IMG_3399 IMG_3403 IMG_3395


What are your thoughts guys??


Ezinne Chinkata



The Lady Maker: instagram: The_LadyMaker Tel: +234 8091000257



  1. I love d dark shoes and simple yet classy dress. Less is indeed more.

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