What is your top tip for making a great first impression at a business meeting? Let’s Consider this scenario: You have an important meeting and you are completely at a loss at what to wear.  It is quite a high stake, high profile business meeting and making a great first impression would go a really long way!

Fret Not!Here’s my top tip for making you go in looking like a competent bad a$$ chica! Hopefully you’ve done your homework and shall be speaking the part whilst looking the part.

My top tip for making an absolutely deliberate first impression is: “Turn up in a sleek Monotonal Black look”. It is my absolute go-to for hairy situations and last minute meetings! It works like a charm. Every lady should work towards having a:

a. Well cut Knee-length or midi Black Dress

b. A very flattering black skirt or Pants

c. A round neck , turtle-neck or v-neck black Tee shirt or black shirt

d. Decent black pumps (Patent or Leather)

Once all these are present in your wardrobe, you are well on your way to owning a fully functional wardrobe.

Last week, I was in an out of sorts mood and decided to try and imagine that at that very moment I had an important meeting to go for; a bit spur of the moment with no outfit pre-planned. What would I do at such a situation??

I decided to mash up a bad-a$$ outfit from some of my fave black pieces in my wardrobe.

a. A sleek black tee

b.A well fitted flattering black skirt with interesting textures

c. My favourite black blazer

d. My go-to black patent pumps

I threw them all together, whipped on some minimal makeup and was actually quite ready to go on if I had a great meeting to go to.

Here’s why an all black look and would always be a winner!

a. No matter the cost of the garment, it gives off an opulent vibe

b. It represents professionalism and is starkly smart

c. It suits all skin types

d. It presents a classic silhouette and doesn’t always date

e. It gives off a competent, powerful vibe

f. It is subtle and soothing to the eye( Visually Pleasing)


Do you have any to add to this List?

Here are more photos of my all black look!

See photos below:



Have a fantastic and progressive week,

When in doubt, wear all black!!


Ezinne Chinkata




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