I have a mini confession to make..I did not quite wear the outfit above  exactly as pictured…At some stages, I had a smart black blazer over it. But!!.. as I sit down writing this to you all.. My jacket is off and I am strutting around just like the picture above..Not totally misleading after all…

Back to my outfit…Some days we dress strictly for the arts. Our active imaginations and wandering minds conjure or create an outfit and we readily live it out. This is my explanation for today’s outfit.

My long blue Ankara high waist skirt is made by Teola 1926. It was originally paired with the top I wore in this post.

I teamed it with a black cropped boob tube from Topshop with lace panels at the side.. It stops just at the hem of the top of my skirt..


Which is just right..image


I teamed the top with a gold and black chord neck-piece from a store called Cos. I love the gold accents it adds to the outfit and also it fuses nicely with my Vintage  belt and bag.




Have a fantastic Friday and dare to dress just as your vivid imagination imagines…


Ezinne Chinkata(

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

Blue Ankara Skirt: Teola 1926

Boob Tube:   Top-shop

Sunglasses: Vintage Christian Dior

Neck-piece: Cos

Black Belt: Vintage

Black Bag: Vintage

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