I have a little confession.. Confession time.. “drum rolls”…”Sometimes, I spend  a little (quite a bit of time), picking out what to wear to church.”What’s the big deal, you may ask.Why is it a confession”?It is because I feel slightly guilty about it sometimes.

We are off to worship right? and should really not care about “vain subjects” such as “Fashion”. But I do! In fairness to me, getting dressed to church has become quite a reflexive action. Largely because, for the most part of my childhood and adult life,my parents ensured we wore our “Sunday bests” to church. I suppose my parents saw it as a sign of reverence to the Lord.

What are your thoughts?I have thought about it quite well and I have come to a conclusion. Please read below:

“When I get dressed up for church, I honestly do not do so in a bid to show off. It just feels really good to put on my “sunday best” and head to church, sit down and assimilate an awesome sermon in the presence of the Lord. The process of styling my pieces into my own special version of “church wear” is quite fun as well!

What are your thoughts guys? Do you have your Sunday outfit already planned out?

I do!!

This coming Sunday, I shall be wearing the dress pictured above by The Lady Maker, it is currently stocking at Zinkata. I shall share photos with you on Sunday! Can’t wait!  It would be such fun!I would also share a quote from the sermon.


I ask again! What are you wearing to church this Sunday?

Please share!


Ezinne Chinkata


  1. U don’t go before a king looking casual, u go prepared and well dressed. Nice dress!

  2. That’s a really cute dress Ezinne. To be honest. , It depends on how I feel. I could dress casually (but never drab) and if I’m up to it ,dress up but nothing extra (not over the top); most importantly just look good enough once I’m leaving the house . Shout out to all the ladies who look like wedding guests every sunday ???? , I don’t know how they do it because I’m Anglican and the service is 7:15 am lol.

  3. Ulumma Gbayesola Reply

    That dress is Ace Ezinne.
    I agree with Kayla shouting out to the ladies that look like wedding guests for church..how about those who look like they are going for the London fashion week every Sunday, With dress, hair and make up all tight up? ??. Some people get time I tell you..lol.
    My moto has always been to dress the way you want to be addressed- so dress up or dress down, smart casuals or something more laid back, as long as am comfortable in what I wear and it doesn’t compromise my worship to God, it’s alright for me.
    Am a bit laid back for Sunday bests these days. I might just end up wearing a Tee shirt with denims to church.? it all depends on the weather?? (British weather that is). You know now?

    • Lol! Ulumma! Thanks for your comment! I shall keep on heading to church in wedding guest fashion..lol.. and leave you all to your jeans and slacks! Lol! Totally true though.. what really matters is the worship and it not getting compromised! Thanks for your feedback! xxx

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