“What does Christmas mean to you??”. I had this question thrown at me earlier today. I thought hard and long and came up with exactly how christmas made me feel and what it meant to me, without delving into the religious implications of the question. I would communicate it with one word. Christmas for me ¬†means “LOVE & SACRIFICE”.

I associate christmas with the warm and fuzzy feeling of “loving and being loved in return” and going out of my way to make people feel loved and appreciated”. For me, it’s a heightened state of joy, peace and love.Spreading love around, spending time with loved ones,giving of myself, presents, feeling loved, making others feel loved.. “Festivities”.

It also sort of feeds into my fashion choices for the season. Bright colours, shimmer, sequins, pastel pretty shades and all manners of ceremonial pieces. The photos below are a clear example of what Christmas means to me. I am seen interacting lovingly with my darling nieces. They came to visit me in store and looked so adorable, we absolutely had to have a photo moment!

See photos below:



img_6041 img_6042 img_6043

img_6009 img_6013 img_6026 img_6028


Have a blessed Christmas all.


Ezinne Chinkata

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