Would you Sock it? Socks & Heels anyone?

Where do you stand?  For those of us residing in Africa, Please don’t decry the weather or argue about socks being unsuitable wear for humid climate. When it comes to fashion and style , we are at a liberty to do as we please!



What are your thoughts? Would you team your dress with matching socks? Or do you believe the trend should die really hard at kindergarten?

Tommy Hilfiger Autumn/Winter 2016

I am all up for exploring the trend. I have always had quite an attachment to socks, ever since my absolutely best dressed day till date; my 10th year birthday celebrations.I wore socks again quite recently. See photo below:


My top tip for exploring the trend would be to pair it with complimentary colours


Or keeping it really stark and chic


It also works with pretty hues.


Ejay Jibunoh looks absolutely amazing in her take on the trend! See photo below:


You can wear them at any age too…


What’s your sock personality?



Ezinne Chinkata


Photo Credits:

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