In today’s style post, I am pictured walking across the Zebra crossing. The crossings’ black and white longitudinal stripes are a great compliment to my black and white ensemble. I am wearing a white shirt with black Knotted satin ribbons at the cuffs by Nkwo. Tucked into an old favourite of mine, black pants by iamISIGO . My look was perfectly rounded off by a black and white polka dot bag by Zashadu. The white shirt is available in store in different sizes and is such a great classic piece to own.

At the shoot: It felt quite exhilarating to take photos on the busy streets of Lagos, feeling the pulse of the city and watching everyone busy and all about their various hustles, toiling and trying to ensure 2017 finishes strong. There I was, giving it my best shot as well, putting my best foot forward and navigating this beautiful life the best way I know how to.

Aha Moment!: As I cross the Zebra crossings a few days shy of December, I can’t help but cast my mind back to the rest of this year. I have witnessed so much growth this year. My mind, my thoughts, my capabilities, my spirituality, my skills, the brand and business. It has been an awesome journey. Failures along the way made me stronger. Sometimes, I felt like I couldn’t go on, but I did. There’s always a deep receptacle of strength inside us. It’s never over. Keep believing, keep reaching, keep seeing the big picture in your head, and take the little steps, some big , some feeble but never stop trying. Slowly but surely we will get there!!!

I am crossing the Zebra crossing and saying goodbye to any former shackles that may have held me down. Self Doubt, procrastination, thinking small and the list goes on.. and reaching for the skies! I am so excited. I hope everyone feels the same way. We are all going to be really awesome.Trust in you and go out and make your dreams a reality.



Stay awesome!

See you all at the very top!


Ezinne Chinkata

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