Apr 13, 2017 | Fashion

Hello all. I hope we are all having  a great Thursday so far! It is the 13th day in the month of April 2017. We are in the fourth month of the year already! It all went by so fast! It feels like Christmas was here just yesterday. Time flies indeed, but I am truly grateful to be alive and present to go through 2017, working hard towards living my best possible life.

Did we make any resolutions this year? How far are we with progress? April is a great time to assess our positions, re-route if we have derailed in any form and make plans to ensure we finish 2017 triumphant. So far, I believe 2017 is going quite well for me. My resolution this year was quite specific. I shall share: “I said to myself, this year, I shall be a “Strong Woman”.  I went ahead to sub-divide strong into 4 sections:

a. Spiritually strong: A deeper relationship with the Lord, Living a purpose filled life, broadening my knowledge of the scriptures and becoming more Christlike, living a life of service.

b. Emotionally Strong: Strengthening my mind, Peace, Joy, Fostering great relationships, Sharing love, Dedicating time to family and loved ones, Driving more happy moments, Staying Positive, Staying Strong.

c. Physically Strong:A great exercise routine, eat healthy, take care of body.

d. Financially Strong: Work hard, make plans, save more, be more independent, expand the business, be more productive.

How have I done so far? If I am being quite honest, I have done quite well this year.  I have excelled, taken a few steps back, faltered  but kept moving. 2017 has been quite an exhilarating year.

Another point worthy of note here is, perhaps I feel much more positive about my achievements and the year so far because I view life a bit differently from how I did last year. My standards for measuring success has changed and my goals are less about me and more about what I can give back and how I can help. Trying as much as I can in my daily activities to make lives better, spreading love. It is actually quite easy. In every job we do, we can make joy, love and kindness be our watch-word.

Focusing more on how I can help more than what I can gain has tremendously changed things around for me and my business. I am happier, I am kinder and I am more positive, and much more successful if I may say so myself. There are still areas “in progress”, but I am so excited and can’t wait to see how far I would have gone by the end of 2017.

I sincerely hope everyone reading this is happy, content, filled with love, spiritually strong, emotionally stable and positively living life intentionally.Together we can all build a strong network of strong men and women.

Please drop a note if this post resounds with you in any way or if you have pointers, testimonies or suggestions for us all!

Have a blessed Easter Weekend all.

I shall sign off with these photos below. I quite love the play of textures in the outfit!







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