May 21, 2015 | Fashion

Humble pie” is perhaps not always the preferred delicacy”.. but works wonders for the soul.. Random but so true…Hey guys..let us approach our daily tasks today with dogged determination and a humble grateful spirit..

There is however nothing humble about a “be-tied” lady..Which leads to the topic of today’s post.. Ladies wearing Ties.. What are your thoughts on this?? Do you feel it is inappropriate? Do you find it a perfect way to go??

In some societies, it is seen as inappropriate/frowned upon..I on the other hand find it perfectly appropriate..Here are 3 reasons why I feel a lady should own at least one Tie in her wardrobe..

1. It automatically sets you apart from the crowd in a positive way..

2. It portrays an air of Power .. Competence, Professionalism and Confidence.. Your tie would speak for you way before your pitch is on the table..

3. It is sexy.. Much as it is business like.. the Androgynous/ Masculine tilt is quite sexy!!

…It is a win-win situation…

In todays post… I wore a Green check-print tie by Emmy Collins.. and tried out 3 different ways of incorporating the Tie into my look.. I had an awesome time creating the 3 looks.. Still trying to figure out which is my fave.. What about you??

Look 1: Crisp White Shirt, Yellow Vintage Skirt, Rose Gold Shoes and the Emmy Collins Tie.. The look is slightly more fun and probably more suited to a creative environment..

IMG_5558 IMG_5542 IMG_5540

Look 2: Possibly my fave.. It’s easy.. I wore a shiny gold light top(in the style of a Sweat-top) from Top-Shop over the same white shirt and a Tie.. Baggy boy-friend jeans and brown sandals..
IMG_5565 IMG_5562

IMG_5590 IMG_5586 IMG_5578

Look 3:

Slightly more dramatic.. It is an all black look.. Black Slitted Culottes by Dahlia, stocking at Zinkata.. Teamed with a black shirt and a Vintage Waist Coat… It is semi-business like… I guess the waistcoat and culottes can be swapped for a blazer and black pants for a more business like look.
IMG_5606 IMG_5624 IMG_5639

Have a great day everyone!!!

Knot a tie today!!!




Ezinne Chinkata

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