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12 thoughts on “5 things to know Before considering a Career in Fashion

  1. Ify says:

    Great write up Ezinne! ??????

    1. Thank you Ify!! xxxx

  2. nellie says:

    Thanks ma, this is just what I need.. Am an upcoming designer, sometimes am really scared.

    1. Do not be scared! You will do just fine! kEEP AT IT!

  3. marian says:

    Thank you so much, really. This is just what I needed to hear as the last few weeks has Ben kinda challenging.

    1. You are very welcome.. Just keep at it!! Better days are ahead!

  4. Muna says:

    Thank you for this! The most difficult part is getting one’s brand off the ground. Sometimes the frustration makes me want to give up even when i’m just starting. This is a good one!

    ps: check out my handbag and footwear line made with african print and leather! xx

    1. I most certainly would! Keep up the good work!!xx

  5. Emem says:

    This is exactly what I needed, a beautiful and resourceful write up just at the nick of time. Thank you Ezinne!

    1. Awwww! Thank you Emem! I am glad the post spoke to you. I wish you the very best!?

  6. Onyi says:

    wow! lovely combo on Mona.When you mentioned the colours i didn’t think it would work but seeing it,it’s really lovely.

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