A “Food-Shopping” Adventure: Otto Market Lagos

Aug 12, 2016 | Fashion

Heyyy.. How is your FRIDAY going. Mine has been pretty awesome and quite exhilarating.I shall tell you all about it.

“So my parents are away on holiday. I guess I can say I have been pretty lucky (spoilt): my mom handles most/all of the food shopping. She does a really awesome job of it and runs the house pretty seamlessly”.

Alas..she isn’t around and things need to get done…  I decided to do the shopping myself at the Otto market at Oyinbo, Lagos :The perfect spot for bulk purchases at decent prices.

For this purpose, I set off in a print Pinafore by Zinkata. I have quite mastered the right art for market  shopping: comfortable and easy.FullSizeRender copy 4


I got to the market filled with excitement. It was something different to do and I was determined to carry off the task to the best of my ability.It was a very fulfilling experience. During the market expedition, it dawned on me that i was quite awesome at haggling, quite efficient in the market and super ready to run my  own home (*SIDE-EYE)..

I also have some tips for you all for a successful trip to the market:

a. Smile widely make eye contact with those you are purchasing from. Build a great rapport with them.

b. Once you ask for the price of  the merchandise, start haggling by a little less than half the price of what they offered. Say for example at the Goat meat stand, the butcher kept two parts for N3,500 each. I ended up buying them collectively for N4,500 and I almost feel like I could have pushed for N4,000.

c. Be very alert and go with your instincts: At the plantain section, I saw a huge bunch and kept going back and forth on the right price. Finally, the lady agreed at my price but it didn’t feel right. The plantains didn’t look too healthy though I was getting them at such an amazing price. I refused her offer and went on to get an even better and much healthier bunch from another lady.

d.Hold on tightly to your bag : It can get a bit rowdy and busy. Be vigilant and hold your bag tight and count your cash carefully.

e. Be of good cheer and enjoy the experience!!

Here are some photos below:

Dried Fish

Dried Fish

Selfie at the Onions/Tomatoes section

Selfie at the Onions/Tomatoes section

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender copy 7

I made a friend…

Mike and I

Mike and I

and  I shall end this post with a video of my haggling game!!


Have a great weekend all!!



Ezinne Chinkata


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