A remarkably inspirational tale!! An absolute must read!!!

Jun 1, 2016 | Fashion

I read a pretty inspiring story on Facebook written by Cynthia Stroud. I often follow her riveting work tales and find her day to day solutions to work challenges pretty inspiring, humorous as well as super genius!! Cynthia owns and runs the Pretty Gorgeous Cake Company in England, has 2 gorgeous kids and still manages to be on top of it all, literally!!Truly remarkable I must say, with awesome stories and milestones such as the countless awards her company wins, to being the Baker of choice to different English royal events, down to visiting the Buckingham Palace last weekend for a Garden Party!.. “Super intense stuff!”

Today’s post isn’t really about the glam and fab life of the truly successful entrepreneur. It is more an inspiring and remarkable tale of taking on work challenges against all odds and coming up trumps. A classic example of thinking fast on one’s feet, honing your razor sharp wits and solving tricky situations with graceful aplomb.

Please read:As posted by Cynthia Stroud on 01/06/2016.

“In my cake making career this text I received this morning is the most miraculous one… It was from one of Sunday’s brides.

On Sunday, our last wedding cake of the weekend, the 17th one, went *horribly* wrong.
My beautiful Chinese bride (she really is stunning) insisted against my advice that we deliver an hr before reception starts, and no earlier.
My amazing delivery man got stuck in stationary traffic on m11 behind a car fire for 2.5hrs.
Bride is calling me, I’m calling the delivery guy, he’s calling me. There’s this triangle of phone calls.
We all agree there’s nothing anyone can do except wait for traffic to clear.
Bride blames herself for not listening to me about delivering 4hrs early.
Then 5 mins after setting off for an event myself, I got the call every cake maker dreads from my delivery man: the cake had collapsed in the heat…. Oh. My. Word.

Cynthia 4
There I was in this long red dress, one hour away thinking I can’t leave this bride without a cake. And my usual contingency time was non existent as delivery time had been cut close.
I text bride to say delivery man is still stuck on m11 and that I’m going to get her a plan b as I don’t know how long traffic will last. Yes, yes, not strictly true but I had to manage this girl carefully. Last thing I wanted was for her to cry on her wedding day.
Then I detour from where I’m going, stop at the shop, pick up a display cake for her to pose for pictures with plus some spare cake for the kitchen to cut up. Avoid M11, drive remarkably calmly (no idea how or why, didn’t even top 70), walk into this room full of Chinese people wearing stilettos and a f**king ball gown for goodness cake carrying a cake. I would have laughed at myself if I wasn’t so aware of how one wrong move could have triggered bridal meltdown.
I’m praying the bride somehow forgets the original cake we designed together.
As if.
As I make to leave she asks: “the other cake is still coming, right?”
I look her straight in the eye and hear myself calmly say “of course”.
I go downstairs where finally the other car had arrived with this collapsed cake.
I have no tools with me. Nothing. I lay out cake boxes out in the boot, inside-up to make a clean workbench, bend over this cake and reassemble it. Making sugar flowers in my delivery guy’s boot, with planes taking off overhead (venue is right beside city airport) is one of the most surreal things I’ve ever experienced. The finished cake looks a little *different* from the original.
Carry this cake upstairs, encounter the bride’s sister who says, “it’s so pretty”.
I look at her in paranoia to see if she’s joking. She isn’t.
I walk back into the reception room. For the second time carrying a tiered wedding cake. Room is still full of Chinese people. I’m still wearing a ball gown and stilettos.
Put the cake down, groom says “thanks, looks like you had to make some adjustments”. I look at him and fess up.. “Yes, the cake collapsed and I had to rebuild it in the car park”.
He is silent.
I exit swiftly.
Get to my party, clean up, dance a bit and go home.
For the last 48hrs I’ve been dreading hearing from the bride.
Today I got this text. Then I cried a bit.

cynthia 6


I cried a little bit as well!!

Well done Cynthia! and thanks for being such an inspiration.


Ezinne Chinkata

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