A roller coaster weekend in Port-Harcourt: Monalisa Chinda’s wedding activities

Feb 24, 2016 | Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion

Last weekend was such a great one.. I had the pleasure of witnessing one of my favourite people getting hitched in a traditional ceremony in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State. Star actress and all time super woman,  Monalisa Chinda tied the knot with her “Sugar“;  Victor Tonye Coker !! I was booked to attend the event in part Fashion styling duties as well as offering my love and support to her through the period.. Mona and I have come a truly long way…



Heading out of Lagos on Friday, I promised myself that I would have a mighty good time.. and tackle all the different experiences ahead of me with a positive mind-frame..I set off to Port-harcourt via the Air Peace flight.

At the Airport, I bumped into some of Monalisa’s friends/family:  Juliet Eche and  Mr Cool.. and we set off together!  Bumpy flight et al.. we landed safely.. The Port-Harcourt Airport was quite “unique”… See photos below:



Mr Kool, Ezinne Chinkata and Juliet Eche

Monalisa’s lovely friend Jennifer Odikanekwu picked us up from the airport.. Mid-way to the hotel, I was super impressed with the Port-harcourt Street art. See photos below:


Chinedu Ikedieze


I couldn’t resist a photo-op!!



The trip from the airport to the Presidential Hotel, an otherwise pretty short trip took us 4 hours!! Still, Jennifer was a super awesome driver and made us super comfy in her ride.. We were all in great cheer and took it all like jolly good travellers.. I was beyond excited to get into the hotel and took a picture of the lovely smiling Jennifer at the Presidential Hotel’s ground floor.


Jennifer Odikanewkwu

I was super exhausted and was hoping for a quick shut-eye.. Monalisa was lodged in the same hotel and I knew in no time I would be required to set-off for a fitting. After I settled in..  I managed to get a fitting in for her.. the blouses were a perfect fit..but we couldn’t really match the wrappers as we had to adhere strictly to her traditional dress..Blouses done.. it was time for hair! I was cross-eyed at this point but soldiered on.. The hair-stylists from Hairven came by and fixed a lush curly weave…

My darling friend Kika Amadi also came by to see me .. we had a bit of a wee catch-up at the bar before I retired!!

Kika Amadi

Kika Amadi



Saturday dawned early and I was bleary eyed!! It was going to be a super long day and I set off to the breakfast room for fuel to take me through the longgg day!


Selfie in the breakfast room

Breakfast over, it was back to the bridal suite for final hair touch-ups.. The hairven crew came in bright and early and we finished up the hair!!


An excited monalisa


Selfie moment with the Hairven Boss: Iro Ogbeifun

A bit of excitement in the suite.. A joyful Monalisa was happy to see her school mates



Hair done, I popped down real quick for a quick hello to Kika.. She very kindly stopped by and brought her cute little son;  Ayo with her..

Ayo  Amadi and Ezinne

Ayo Amadi and Ezinne

Kika Amadi and Ezinne Chinkata

Kika Amadi and Ezinne Chinkata

… and it was time to head out to Elelenwo.. the Bride’s ancestral home..

Monalisa Chinda and I

Monalisa Chinda and I

It was such an exciting trip to Elelenwo.. On arrival. we were welcomed very warmly by her aunts and cousins.. I was blown away by the rich culture and traditions of the land!! .. I also took on a bit of an unhealthy fascination with the sprite elderly lady in the photos below.. It was love at first sight. She was so strong and beautiful and dignified. I loooooove Africa!



Then it was all about dressing her up and carrying out all the traditional activities involved with sending the bride off.. Keep clicking in for the other post on the bride, outfit etc..

I wore a floor length Ankara dress and threw on a Kaftan/Cape by Abaya Lagos over it.. It was super comfy and I felt quite nice in it.


Ezinne Chinkata

.. and off the bride set off.. dressed in the maiden outfit to the venue of the reception..



The traditional wedding ceremony was so much fun! I barely had any time to explore as I was busy in the dressing room.. as well as watching her Aunties at work! I managed to get some photos at the beautiful tent:

IMG_0438 IMG_0436

Peep these really cute maidens, with Monalisa Chinda’s daughter; Tamar inclusive.


I also met Daniella Okeke: Nollywood actress.. She was super nice and friendly!!

Ezinne Chinkata and Daniella Okeke

Ezinne Chinkata and Daniella Okeke





…and then my cousins came through! It’s always super comforting to see familiar faces!!


Nina Esimogu and Monalisa Chinda


L-R: Chioma Wogu, Monalisa and Nina Esimogu


Ezinne Chinkata and Monalisa Chinda


Chioma Wogu and Nina Esimogu

Back at the hotel.. We had some full length “group photos”.. taking advantage of the full length mirror..




IMG_0615 IMG_0608 IMG_0607


In no time, we were headed off to the after party hosted by Sokipri Graham-Douglas for the Couple..

Me in a top by FIA

Top by FIA

It was a super cool party in a really gorgeous house! Nina spotted Iyanya!

Nina Wogu and Iyanya

Nina Wogu and Iyanya



Sunday dawned with me exhausted and in dire need of rest.. I was unable to prise myself off my bed for a pretty long while.. It was a truly wise decision to hit the pool…


Afterwards, I headed out with my cousin to explore a bit of Port-Harcourt and say my farewells..

My dress by Gozel Green made a much needed appearance

My dress by Gozel Green made a much needed appearance

Stopped by Kika’s gorgeous home and said hello… no there are no more photos of Kika.. but more of me posing on her couch..

IMG_0747 IMG_0745


I stopped by a supermarket in Port-Harocurt called “Everyday supermarket“.. Peep these really huge shoes!!



Family time..

Ezinne, Aunty Nene and Nina

Ezinne, Aunty Nene and Nina


Ofe Nsala and Pounded yam courtesy Aunty Nene

Aunty Duty

Aunty Duty


A Gradad's Love: Uncle Onu

A Gradad’s Love: Uncle Onu



Ezinne Chinkata

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