A Shockingly Awesome Tale: Fantastic Customer Service

Jun 6, 2016 | Fashion

If a client trusts you to take care of her appearance, you must make her feel like you want the best for her and you are happy to provide her with the best option for her specific needs. It requires great interpersonal skills. Regardless of this, I believe Fashion is the one profession where bad customer’s service is truly intolerable.

Recently, I had the pleasure of being at the receiving end of truly fantastic customer service. It all started with a call from England. A prospective client required my services for an Award ceremony she was attending. We had to proceed swiftly!

I decided on a Gorgeous  Lisa Folawaiyo dress from Luxury Life-style concept store ; “Temple Muse”. It was the perfect dress for my client but was also a size too big. I kept the dress on hold at Temple Muse and decided to visit the Lisa Folawiyo studios  to check if they had the dress in the exact size I needed.

I step in and I am greeted with a warm welcoming smile by Sike Saro: The Head of Business Operations and Sales; she deals with clients, sales, staff and overlooks production! A highly intense and demanding role I am sure, but Sike and the entire team are never without a welcoming smile and pristine clean manners!

In this instance, Sike listened to my needs with keen interest and an earnest ready to help demeanour. Unfortunately, they did not have a dress readily in my client’s size off the rack. They were very willing to take an order and make a dress in the size required, but this would take much more than my time lines would permit; A classic Lisa Folawiyo piece has intricate carefully hand-crafted details!

I   thanked Sike for her help and quite dejectedly made moves to leave. She then kicks in with a very kind suggestion. “Tell you what, Ezinne, go to Temple Muse and purchase that dress. We would alter it to your client’s measurements and re-work it a bit to flatter her petite frame and make sure it is the right fit for her event”. I blinked in shock..followed by warily asking..”How much extra is this going to cost me, Sike?”,  to which she smiles and says, “It would be at no extra charge, Ezinne, just bring the dress to us and we would take care of it”.

How awesome is that! Hold on for the rest guys.. It doesn’t end just yet. I headed off once again to Temple Muse..Sigh.. (I told you Fashion is a mighty stressful job), paid, picked up my client’s dress and was back at the Lisa Folawiyo Studio in no time.

Sike very expertly compared the dress with my client’s proportions. A lot of over-hauling would have to be done on the current dress to fit it perfectly to my client’s size. There was a bit of a snag! I needed to send the dress off on Monday morning through to London. With all the work the dress needed, there was no way we would be able to make the Monday deadline. At this point I got super dejected once again and Sike came to the rescue once more.

She goes, “Oh hang on, Lisa (the creative director of the Lisa Folawiyo brand) is going to London on Tuesday. She can take it along for you”. I was confused and babbled on thus. Me:  “Really?? How… errr.. why? are you sure? I don’t want to stress…err”.. .. Sike brushes me off immediately and continued discussing the little additions she wanted on the dress to ensure it was perfect.

Great Customer Service Is Never Overrated..

I have come to another conclusion. Brands like Lisa Folawiyo’s are at the top of their games, not because they got lucky or anything like that.. but solely because they truly  deserve it.Talent,Hard-work, great work ethics, great customer-facing interactions and truly caring about who walks into your company is key!!

Have a fantastic Monday all!!

Give the best of yourself always!


Ezinne Chinkata


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