A Teeny Weeny Confession Corner..Shhh.. Please don’t tell.

Aug 19, 2016 | Fashion

Okay.. I get this comment from a lot of people: “Ezinne what I love most about you is your confidence.. It oozes in everything you do”. I smile and thank them and sometimes I feel like a big fraud thanking them..

The truth about it is, sometimes I feel very confident and sometimes I don’t at all. What I have learnt to do however is stare down at whatever I may feel uncomfortable about and strive to project it with all the love in my heart…. even if my heart is beating with sounds as loud as the talking drums..

I have countless examples..

1.Like I may be in church on Sunday and walk to the altar to give my testimony in front of a full congregation of people staring at me. I hate public speaking but sometimes what I have to say is much more important than the discomfort I may feel saying it, so I stare my fears down and walk to the altar with my legs shaking and my bladders giving way (almost) and my armpits sticky and and and.. You get the drift by now I am sure…

2. When I am asked to be part of a panel and I say yes even though I really would love to say no but know that some are great networking avenues and great for the Zinkata brand.

3. Or when I take some photos and they are really perfect except for the pesky lines I have on my forehead that I totally loathe.. I battle for so long to fight deleting the photos and then I have a little pep talk with myself where I say.. Ezinne.. these lines are a great part of your beautiful face. You can choose to embrace it and project it proudly or choose to wear a fringe for the rest of your days or errr “BOTOX”.. I chose the easiest and bravest side.. Embracing my forehead lines even as they show in the photo below:

All pink 16th (3)

Does any of this make any sense to you???

Yours very confident (hopefully),

Ezinne Chinkata

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