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6 thoughts on “A true Example of a Mother’s Love and Strength: Please read

  1. Elizabeth Jibunoh says:

    Hey Ezinne. Don’t start o. This is a tough act to follow. You are forgetting your mom is GORGEOUS herself. She is one of the few women I know that will never hide the truth from you and she gives it to you straight without blinking. She is an amazing woman and you all are particularly lucky to have her as your mom. I am so so glad that as you get older you are also appreciating she remains your Best Friend.?‍❤️‍???

    1. Aunty!! I just saw the rest of your comment! It cut it in half before! Yes Aunty! Indeed she is a great mom and I Thank God for her everyday!! As well as for you! You all are the true definition of phenomenal women. Thanks for the comment and I hope you come back soon!xxx

  2. Betty Irune says:

    Darling Ezinne,Your tribute to your mum is so so touching. Thank you for expressing so much love and admiration for her. Clara is truly a woman endowed with gracious qualities and a very caring heart. She is almost blunt to a fault because she says it as it is. Love her dearly.

    1. Aunty!! Thanks for the kind words! You described my mom to the letter! God bless you and continue to make motherhood a source of joy to you!! Lots of love!!

  3. Ify Brown says:

    I caught myself nodding with a smile as I read Zinny’s beautiful piece about her Mom, my one-in-a-million Aunty. Zinny, may God bless and uplift you richly as you celebrate your mother in her lifetime. Aunty-m, hi-five for you.

    1. Aunty Ify!! Amen and thanks!!!

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