Oct 11, 2014 | Fashion, WIWT




It is the weekend and a really great time to do as you please.. Which brings me to a matter I am mildly curious about.. VELVET… A.K.A akwa-oche.Velvet is a very lush fabric with a luxurious feel. In recent times, there has been quite a spike in the velvet trend. In Nigeria , it dominates the traditional weddings/ engagements scene. This is quite ironical, considering how velvet was perceived a couple of years ago. It all started quite cheekily I feel..when the traders dubbed it  Akwa-oche.. which means fabric for furniture..( this is me drawing conclusions..)

It was in the 90’s and there was a velvet boom/rave.. The shops and streets were awash with velvet pieces in different styles and cuts.. and it was referred to as Akwa-oche..most times with a derogatory tone to the voice or even disdain. People swore off velvet..Unofficially, Velvet became persona non grata..

Still velvet is a really pretty fabric.. and sometimes it casts a particular opulent feel no other fabric can convey quite as easily..I am wearing a dark red velvet skirt from Top-shop. It is a very easy cut and fit and quite flattering against the skin. I teamed it with a print (Ankara) top from the 70’s.. Scored it from mother dearest..

I am currently restocking in Zinkata, and have come across some really exquisite velvet dresses… My question is.. “Would you wear a Velvet dress in  Nigeria??? For my readers all over the world, what is your take on the velvet fabric??


Your feedback is supremely welcome..


Ezinne Chinkata


Photography: Kola Oshalusi

Skirt: Top-Shop

Shoes: Office

Bag: Vintage


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