Are We going Neon?? …Apparently!

May 13, 2015 | Fashion, Trends

I often pride myself on my ability to spot trends long before they hit the catwalks.. Or even stores.. (Conceited much?)?.. which leads me to the topic at hand.. “NEON”.. 

Is Neon a major trend for 2015  guys? Would you wear Neon  colors??  I certainly find myself gravitating more and more towards them..who knows it may be

a direct result of my new hair color (Green).. Or perhRps indeed it is a trend.. And it crept up on me rather subconsciously..

Or maybe not.. In the month of September, 2014, Super talented Shoe Designer Sophia Webster partnered with genius set designer Gary Card to create a neon-lit jungle rave for her

See image below:

Sophia Webster Presentation

Sophia Webster Presentation

Neon greens/yellows had a strong presence at the New York Fashion week.. Read more about this on :neon

Media Giant; CNN, seems to believe “Neon is taking over.. More in the sporty fashion sector:

It certainly had a strong presence outside the shows at Paris Fashion Week. I love the Image of this show goer in Neon Pink below.

Paris Fashion Week: Neon Pink

Paris Fashion Week: Neon Pink


I suspect Ituen Basi was also in on the memo judging by her collection at the Last Lagos fashion and design Week.

Hers was a fun collection filled with neon yellows and greens..



Ituen Basi: LFDW 2014

In today’s post, I am wearing a Neon Green Versatile Pencil Dress by Gozel Green. They stock At Zinkata as well and are available in different sizes.

In the designers words: “We call it the versatile sheer pencil dress. It’s versatility is based on so many reasons. The fact that you can wear it different colours of vest or boob tubes underneath and also the stretchy nature of the skirt which fully accentuates a womans figure”.

I love it!! See more images below!!!

IMG_5168 IMG_5170 IMG_5166 IMG_5158 IMG_5125

Have an awesome Friday all..

Delve into the neon trend today???..  You can break in gently matched with solid neutrals.


Have an awesome day!!!


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