Building A Tight Network of Strong Women: Happy International Women’s Day

Mar 8, 2017 | Fashion

Happy International Women’s Day to all the women in the house. Today more than ever, I hope you are reminded of how beautiful your existence is as well as your ability to achieve all you want in life, regardless of what your immediate environment or culture may dictate.

I had quite an inspirational morning listening to inspiring speakers at the International Women’s Society(IWS), breakfast meeting. “Talks on making a difference in lives around us, implementing change, being the change we want to see, and impacting our immediate environment one step at a time “, left me with a burning fire in my soul, a resultant effect of all the great testimonies from the truly remarkable speeches.

Usually, I go by the mantra “Be the change you want to be”.  I shall be changing it to :  Implement the change you want to see. Whatever change you hope for, whatever sets you on fire or even angers you, make a bold step to make an impact or create a solution.Regardless of how small your area of influence may be/seem.

Whilst still pondering on these amazing thoughts, I went back to Zinkata and Ngozi Nkwoji stopped by. Ngozi is the Senior Brand Manager at Nigerian Breweries as well as the Creative Director of The Ngee show, an online medium (vlog)  used to convey impactful messages in comedic fashion.  It was quite a lovely coincidence, her visiting the store on International Women’s day. Ngozi actually stands for all the change I would love to see around me: She works really hard at her job, makes out time to impact on her immediate environment through the Ngee show, is deeply religious, decent, authentic, kind , humble and very supportive of women.Qualities I find super inspirational and would love to see impacted on the younger generation of women in my immediate environment.

Ngozi was clad in a dress from the store by Gozel Green.  I am in in a top by Meena and a Neon silver bag by Dot Fashions! All available at Zinkata. I managed to convince her to join in my photos.

See photos below:



                                        L-R: Ezinne Chinkata and Ngozi Nkwoji






Happy International Women’s day all!!

  • May we always find joy in the essence of womanhood!
  • May the Grace of the Lord never depart from us..


Ezinne Chinkata

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