Candid Moments: Is my outfit too skimpy??

Jul 28, 2015 | Fashion

Last Sunday was the launch of the truly fantastic VRbymOBOS fashion line at the Palms Lekki. The CEO, Mobo Biobiaku is such an amazing woman and has been a big source of guidance to me ever since I stepped into the Nigerian fashion scene.

I was super excited about wearing my outfit: Matching Ankara Cropped Top and Shorts-set my dearest sister, Eugoh got me from Top-shop.. It was love at first sight.. I suppose it may be a result of the gorge Ankara fabric.. For some reason it totally didn’t feel skimpy.. I felt extremely comfortable and not overtly sexy… I styled it with flat beige sandals from Reiss and  my Zashadu bag.. The bag sort of balanced out the whole look and made it more..err “wholesome“??

Other’s reactions..

Eugoh (my sister) on the other hand felt I would be styling the outfit with a blazer thrown over it and was quite horrified at the thought of me leaving the house in such minisucle clothing.. In rare contrary form.. I disagreed.. Completely.. I was having none of throwing a blazer over my outfit.. I was bored at the thought of it..and I dared to step out..

I must confess it went really well.. No-one stared too hard.. I suppose I had my game face and shades on.. To be honest I probably didn’t notice..I was happy and super comfortable ..I felt really beautiful..



Mobo Biobiaku and I

mobos3 mobo2


So guys.. what are your thoughts?? Shall I be thrown into the pit underneath the gallows then?? LOL.

Your feed back is greatly appreciated..

Yours waiting anxiously..

Ezinne Chinkata


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