Day 7: Easy Floral Sunday

Sep 7, 2014 | Ezinne's Edit, Fashion, WIWT

Hello all..

I hope we are having an awesome Sunday… I am in “praise and rest” mode..  A rather apt state, after the rowdy night I had.. It was the Elite Model Look Nigeria competition..Such an amazing event.. Elohor Aisien, the creative director put on a seriously awesome show!! The girls and boys (contestants) were pretty awesome too.. I also bumped into a few Zinkata blog readers..they were so gracious„ and kind enough to come by and say hello.. That really made my night!

Today marks the end of my challenge.. which was about me putting up a post everyday wearing pieces from the store.Hopefully you have enjoyed the frequency and the style tips??.. Please write back with your suggestions.. They are veryyy welcome..

What did I wear on Day 7 of the challenge??

A floral shirt waist dress.. Yes, it is a dress, and a really cute one. I was not in a very cute mood and wore it with skin tight burgundy jeans. How about styling the dress as it was originally intended? Just by itself and with flat shoes, possibly even trainers or heels?

  • It would also look great with a belt worn over it and really skin tight trousers and heels.
  • Hang on! I have a genius idea! It can be worn unbuttoned as a cool coverall/light-jacket/kimono.. over a short dress or over trousers and heels..

Remember..the key lies in personalising to suit your needs!

Have a truly wonderful rest of the day..


Ezinne Chinkata…….

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

Floral Dress: Zinkata

Pink Bag: Mischa Barton

Shoes: Reiss

Sunglasses: Vintage Christian Dior

Zinkata: +2349090404886

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