Day Five and going STRONGER…

Sep 5, 2014 | Fashion, WIWT

Hello all.. I really can’t believe it is Friday already.. It has been such a quick week.. I hope everyone has had a really awesome and productive week… I am almost at the end of my personal challenge or shall we call it public service??

I started this week with a grand announcement..; “that for the rest of the week, I would be posting an outfit from Zinkata and giving style tips on how to wear them..etc”.. It was such an easy pronouncement to make..but not so easy to accomplish.Your feedback and encouraging words have kept me going…

So…unto Day 5 and what we chose today…


Oh yes…it is one of those Grandma chic days.. I can’t run away from them… It was great fun putting this look together.. The poppy print Organza skirt is from Zinkata. It is available in different sizes and also comes in a really exciting vivid blue Shade..


I teamed the skirt with a white contrast monochrome cuff lace blouse from Zinkata as well.. It is a multifunctional top and fit exactly with how I wanted to match the skirt. The spectacles are Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg and  a gift from a very dear friend. The green and brown bag is Ghost and gave me the wholesome belle look I was going for.



My bejewelled Beret is from Jasper Conran whilst my sandals are Guess and a gift as well.. Gifts are awesome..I love the neckpiece I have on..It is made of sterling silver and kind of mimics strings of pearls.. I bought them from Spitafields market, London.

So.. these 2 items are available in Zinkata in different sizes.. What are your thoughts on this look?? Now for those with a different agenda… here are some pretty cool ways to  wear the pieces:

White Contrast Lace Cuff top

A. This can be worn over pants.. It has a very nice cut and flatters the figure. It would look pretty great worn over bootleg pants or jeans or even palazzo pants.

B. It can be tucked into a pencil skirt or pants or jeans.. Instant cool..Also suitable for work..especially for lawyers.. Did I hear someone say Monochrome?

C. It can also be worn underneath a pinafore or overalls or even a normal dress.. Very cool..

Black Organza poppy Print Skirt

A. This skirt would look pretty awesome worn as a high waist skirt and with a really cool black cropped top..or white? or yellow…

b. It would also look really nice with a vest tucked in and flat strappy sandals.. a straw hat and a pretty basket.. How about that?

c.For the formal beauties.. you could most definitely wear the skirt to work.. Maybe only on Fridays for the Bank workers..Team the skirt with a top and a black blazer or colour of your choice with very nice pumps..and get going..

d. Penchant for edgy behaviour?? This skirt would look really hardcore with knee length gladiator sandals..and the skirt cascading over em.. Go get it!!

For more tips, comments or questions. Please write in..

Have an awesome Friday.. TGIF!!


Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

Outfit Zinkata

Zinkata: +2349090404886

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