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Hello All.

It is a new week! Let us make it count… I am in London at the moment and the weather is lovely! I had a bit of a brainwave during my flight. I will share it with you…

While I was sat “at the economy section” totally impatient to land. I suddenly felt an overwhelming urgency; I thought about the Zinkata blog and its current direction. While there is nothing wrong with it, sometimes I want more. I am also sort of driven by life’s experiences and would love to share my views and communicate them to you all via this wonderful medium!

Let’s Start!

How do I feel about flying Economy?  I am going to be vey honest with you. I feel all right, very at peace… Right up till I sight someone I know on the same flight flying first class. Does anyone recognize that strange feeling you get? I shall not try to put a word to it. Let us play nice!

I remember 2 years ago, before I became this woman, comfortable in my own skin and totally happy in my space… I sighted someone I knew flying business class. I ducked furtively, ashamed to be seen flying Economy and made sure to avoid eye contact throughout. ”Oh the complex attitudes of a lady once riddled in stupid insecurities”.

I have grown and I have learnt. I choose to fly Economy because it is what I can afford. I shall proudly cut my cloth accordingly. I stand firm and proud in the material I am right now. As a business owner (entrepreneur), I have to be responsible. I shall not buy a first class ticket when I can’t necessarily afford it, just to fit into an unhealthy pompous unreality.

Back to my flight yesterday, I saw a great acquaintance, while I was in my very rowdy and lengthy Economy queue. She was flying upper class. This time I acted much differently, I caught her eye, I smiled vey comfortably and I made healthy normal conversation with her. Did the insecure bug come biting? It almost did I must confess, I squashed it down with a firm straight upright spine and I stood proud and beautiful.

Do I like flying upper/first class? Hell yes! That is besides the point!! The crux of this post is: “Embrace life, Love yourself, Love the stage you are at every point, Dream Big, Stand proud, Stand happy, Work hard and all you want would eventually come to you.. Xxxx

Have a truly blessed week. Details on my outfit  and style tip will be in the next post…

Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

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