Eat that Frog

Apr 3, 2017 | Fashion

My week is off to a great start already. I am practicing some new productivity hacks and would be giving you all feedback on it at the end of the week. Usually, I start off the week well aware of all I need to get done, I make lists and at the end of the week, I must confess, I don’t quite get through as much of the list as I would like to, leaving me not so ecstatic at the week-ends.

Help may be on the way finally!! I bumped into a video on you-tube of a guy summarising what he took back from reading one of Brian Tracy’s (Famous publisher and motivational coach) books. His first point resounded quite strongly with me, and I have decided to try it out.

He says: Wake up and eat that frog: The frog here is referring to your biggest task of the day. The most difficult/important task on your list. The one you are most likely to procrastinate on.  Start with your biggest tasks first. Tackle it head-on, get it out of the way, and then proceed to the other ones.

Another issue I tend to have is making long un-realistic to-do lists for each day. He suggests we:

Break it in small Chunks: You can start on your long list bit by bit. And by the end of the week, or month or year, you would have accomplished all you need to. I took back from this a big lesson. Not to make my to-do list super long. Break down my tasks for the entire week in condensed short lists and achieve each one daily.

I am super excited! Today’s post is the third task on my list and I am on it already!I hope this post helps you achieve your goals for the week.

..and of course it also helps if you are going about your various tasks with your A-style game on!!

I shall sign off in this Asymmetrical shift dress by Nkwo and this gorgeous print leather box bag by Dot Fashions. Both available in store.



IMG_2045 IMG_2064 IMG_2105


Have an awesome week all!



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