Mar 13, 2017 | Beauty, Fashion

I was once that girl, not too long ago, with absolutely no ‘MADE IN NIGERIA PIECES‘ in my wardrobe. Here I am in today’s post, clad in pieces by Nigerian designers from head to toe, and it wasn’t even a conscious effort.There is a definite paradigm shift in peoples perceptions of “Nigerian made” as opposed to where it was a decade ago, a new pride in being black and embracing our own cultures and traditions.

Is it short lived? I believe it is here to stay. We are finally “emancipated from Mental slavery”. Oh yes we are. It was all in our minds and hindered us from moving forward. We lacked faith in our stock and didn’t  give “us” a chance. Finally, the penny dropped and we have become free to flourish, blossom and showcase our beautiful flavour.

Recently, I have become quite into grooming my natural hair and wearing it in it’s natural state. At first, I thought it was a rebellious act on my part and ditching the weaves for a short while. Perhaps, it is a bit more than this, it just may be a part of the paradigm shift. I am comfortable in my natural state, happy to be black, un-apologetically embracing  my hair in it’s natural state. On the other hand, I am also liberated enough to wear  other hair styles whenever I feel like. The point here is not to alienate others but to also accept ours.

Slowly, I look around me, and I see the new Nigeria. A place where our own is embraced now more than ever before; Our music, our fashion, our hair, our people.  It is still a slow and steady process, but I believe we are quite in exciting times! I am super excited to be born in these times! It would be great to move on further  to a nice balance. Where Made in Africa, is an option as well rated as it’s counterparts. We are not quite there, but we shall get there eventually.We should see ourselves as good enough and develop skills and talents and brands with standards that can compete on the global scale.

It is on!Slow and Steadily! Africa shall rise! Hooray!!

See  more photos below: My dress is by Meena and stocks at Zinkata in different sizes whilst my gold sandals and clutch is by Zashadu.


IMG_9607 IMG_9602


Stay blessed!


Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

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