Embracing your bump: Weloesi Kim Hart

Jul 1, 2015 | Fashion, Features

Expecting mom’s in different trimesters of their pregnancies would totally love to talk fashion as well.”Why ever not??” This post is especially for YOU.. and for all the ladies!!

It all happened quite naturally.. I was headed off to the salon and made a quick dash to the bank to verify my BVN..I sighted a blooming vision in Blue- Weloesi Kim Hart(Welo)!!!



Welo loked so refreshingly gorge! She made pregnancy look really exciting.. I got a mini interview and style tips:

Ezinne Chinkata: What inspired your outfit?

Weloesi Kim Hart: I was on my way to pick up my daughter from school and didn’t want to wear the traditional “bubu” and look oldish, so I decided to go for something comfy and over the bump.
The Leggings are comfy and sit over my bump, and the top I thought was nice and the colour combo looked nice to me. The jacket was light and just long enough to give me some coverage.
The bag and sandals , well I just picked the first ones I saw.
The hair for me is just easy especially while pregnant.

EC: Do you have any style tips for Expecting mothers?

WKH: My style tips
Comfy first. Just try and be comfortable in what you wear.

Keep it fun and interesting. Most people just cover up and hide when pregnant and I understand, but if you keep it fun, show off the bump and try out new things it just helps you enjoy the pregnancy even better.

EC: The best part of being pregnant.

WKM:I think the best part is the feeling of knowing your carrying a person who will soon be with you, grow up and say “mummy” “daddy”,  just the joy children bring. I love feeling the kicks, I feel it’s their way of communicating with the mother. I definitely love the over attention and care you get from family, friends and sometimes strangers.

IMG_7400 IMG_7409



Thank you very much Welo!!! Have a safe delivery!!

Did you find this helpful?? Please drop some comments and your own pregnancy tips or experiences.


Have a blessed day,


Ezinne Chinkata

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