Ermanno Scervino’s Spectacular Show in Florence

Jan 25, 2013 | Shows, Uncategorised

Ermanno Scervino showed at a special event during Pitti Immagine luomo in Florence Italy, and I proudly and joyfully represented Genevieve Magazine for the event. Oh yes, we were specially invited. I landed Italy safe and sound and was whisked off to the Villa Cora; amazing hotel. The view from my room was breathtaking and the food, sinful!!. My day had already started off on a lush note.

Check- in, bathe and food sorted, it was gone on 1.30 pm already. I was beyond knackered but knew it would be a deep journey in fool hardiness to sleep or even contemplate a short nap. It would mean me having no experience to share, as I was leaving the next morning, that would be dastardly disappointing, wouldn’t it??

So.. super woman that I am(insert smiley), I hailed a cab, and headed to the Pitti shows. Ermanno Scervino’s team very kindly included an all access press pass. Pitti, was major. Trendy people at the entrance, and all sorts of visually intriguing scenarios. I checked out the male section, Interesting installations by different designers and then I headed to the Women’s section of Pitti, which is quite new, aha!! There I hit pot luck.

Firstly, there was this amazing book setup at the entrance, which kept me riveted for a while. Moving on, I sight a section with Ituen Basi, Alter Ego, Obsidian and Odio Mimonet!! Wadami Amolegbe was also there as representative for style house files. Being at the exhibition was an eye opener. There was such an exciting buzz in the air, and our (Nigerian) pieces stood out majorly. Press and buyers cavorted around, speaking in excited Italian (in some cases) and English whilst touching the different colourful prints and pieces in reverence. Oh yup, It was certainly a “taking pride in my country” moment.

 Designer, Ituen Basi learnt I was going for the Ermanno Scervino show and offered me one of her gob smacking pieces to wear!!!  Providence, I must say!! Thanks Aunty Ituen!! I knew immediately, that I was going to have a good evening. Scouted round the other stalls and had to dash off for the big evening.

I got to the venue …. At 6:48pm prompt, for my 7pm interview with Ermanno. Nope, no African time for me today, thank you very much. Amazing location everywhere looked so grand. I was super excited, and met with Andrea and Bryant from the team. Very warm welcome and they were very nice. My interview with Ermanno went extremely well.  I sat put till the fashion show. It was an utterly delightful show, humbling in its superior craft and awesomeness. Sublime collection, well put together and sexy in a very polished understated way! POW! Here are some pictures from the show…

Ermanno Scervino and I

The show ended to tumultuous applause. I was super duper zinged!!! I had to go back stage! I appealed to Bryant, who very patiently indulged my “over ambitious ass”, and took me backstage, eventually. I was lucky, not all the models had changed. I got a couple of shots, clocked into Ermanno being congratulated by the press, I did so as well and then, I spotted Liya Kebede!!! She complimented my outfit, Oh yes I swear she did, and asked for a pictuuureeeeeeee…. Double POW!

There was an exclusive after show dinner, which I also attended and sat beside interesting people. The editor in chief of Marie Claire Japan was at my left and a buyer for a huge departmental store in Hong Kong was on my right. We dined, chatted, and discussed Africa, fashion, drivel, Ermanno’s spectacular show and Florence. At this point, it was well gone past 12 am and my mind and body was locking down at terrifying speed, I tried futilely not to yawn. When the lovely lady beside me told me very sweetly that I looked a bit tired, I knew for sure it was time to say my goodbyes and leave, which I did and sashayed off, with my head held high and my dignity still intact….


Ezinne Chinkata

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