Essentials: “The CRISPER THE WHITES”.

Oct 11, 2016 | Fashion

White shirts are a basic wardrobe Essential. It is the one item every Woman should have in her wardrobe. They come in very handy and fit in with everything (literally), as well as being appropriate for most functions. They also never go out of style.

I have met a fair number of beautiful women thoroughly opposed to wearing white. “IT MAKES ME LOOK FAT”, I have heard them pronounce countless times. Some eventually try on a well cut white shirt and change their minds, while others remain staunch in their convictions.

I would be referring to white shirts in this article. For those of us violently opposed to white, this article also speaks to you! A black shirt is also a classic and serves exactly the same purpose a white shirt does. It does have the added advantage of portraying a more slender silhouette. If you are going with the black shirt option, this post is equally as useful. Apply it with a black shirt in mind. They work exactly the same way.

Back to my article:

…..The white shirt is a classic and never goes out of style. It is extremely flattering on all skin types and is such a great piece to have in your wardrobe. Picture this scenario:

“Gladys goes to work dressed in a suit and a white shirt inside her suit jacket. She gets to work and afterwards a colleague suggests after-work drinks. She dashes into the bathroom, shrugs off her jacket wears just the white shirt with a few buttons un-done to soften the severe effect, red lipstick and she feels much more confident. Afterwards, she heads back home, gets to her driveway and remembers it’s her favourite neighbours leaving do! The party is already  in full swing judging by the cars in the driveway. She has absolutely no time to change. Gladys hops into her room,  picks out her favourite jeans, tucks in her white shirt, wears the same heels from works, dabs some perfume and voila!! She’s ready to mingle and have fun”.Maybe not quite as dramatic as this but you all quite get the picture..

White shirts can be teamed with absolutely every single colour you can think of. Yes really!

Strong Colours: White serves as a nice contrast

Pale Colours: It rounds off the entire look and gives a nice soft silhouette.. a sort of Pastel look.

Prints: White shirts match all prints spectacularly.

Neon Colours: Perfect match!!

It has the power to tone down an outfit or on the other hand, teamed with the right accessories, amps up the “chic” in an outfit. The tip is to make sure it stays a very crisp white.

A white/Black Shirt is on my top list of wardrobe essentials. They come in very handy. However,some of us in very humid locations find long sleeves very un-comfortable and not as practical.

In this case, I would say, a plain white silk blouse or black blouse would serve the exact same purpose as shirts. Find the right fabric, neckline and cut for your body type and location.


See photos below of me dressed in a white shirt and red pinafore.

img_0577 img_0560 img_0563 img_0600 img_0614


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PS: the red pinafore in this post stocks at Zinkata and is by Gozel Green. Also available in a really cute Navy.

Have an awesome Tuesday all!


Ezinne Chinkata


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